Imagine you are in a small auditorium.  Sitting in metal folding chairs, staring at one another are eight people who by all accounts, have nothing in common other than a few outwardly characteristics.  The scent of overused hardly cleaned gym equipment, cigarettes, perfume, and burnt coffee, has begun to war for dominance.  No one has given any directions other than instructing you where to sit and you’re trying desperately not to stare back at the man with the beady eyes who is dressed in a pair of tight slacks that leaves nothing to the imagination.  You can’t help but wonder if you are in the right place.  Before you get up to leave, someone stands to speak.

“I am Shea and I write.”

Now let’s blow this dare to share set up and sit down for a little ‘why am I here’ or ‘getting to know you’ session.  Hello.  As I said, my name is Shea.  I am important in my circle but you haven’t heard of me yet.  I ‘m hoping to change that and that is why I’m here.  So this blog thing is new for me.  I’ve read a few, skimmed a few more and decided that blogging is a job.  At the time, I was comfortable with the job I had and wasn’t in the market for a part timer.  Now, I find myself at a juncture in my life where networking is important if I wish to succeed.  So here I am in all my wide-eyed glory, taking a step toward the cool kids table. 

Like most people who write, I read a lot.  A few years ago, I would have screamed from the Statue of Liberty (I have not seen her in person yet…YET) that I am a book-in-hand patriot.  Now, after owning my e-reader for two years and with over six hundred books downloaded, I have to admit I have been converted.  I love any book with a romance but have read and liked ones that do not partake in the HEA formula.  If it is referred or if the blurb and sample interest me, I’ll read just about anything.    

 Let me put some things out there now before we find ourselves sitting in uncomfortable silence, staring off in the distance while we wait for the waiter to return with the check (which we are splitting down the damn middle).  I don’t have a bookshelf filled with the classics.  I read a great deal but if you are going to quote some classic novel that everyone who’s anyone should have read…I most likely haven’t so blow hard somewhere else.  I don’t have a degree in ‘know it all’ and my blog will most likely never win a Pulitzer.  I am not pretentious, pious, or perfect and really dislike those types so hold on to your ego and save the side of bulls**t for your fans.  We all have something to offer and I’m hoping to learn, share, and grow.                 

Enjoy your day people. 

3 thoughts on “Introducing….

  1. Dan

    If your blog is half as interesting and riveting as the stories you write then I’m sure this blog will be a great success.

  2. Welcome to the wide world of blogging! I definitely can feel like a full-time job at points, but this type of work is so great for flexing those ol’ writing muscles. Thanks for visiting me — and wishing you much success!

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