Grasping for the Light at the End of the Tunnel


Well…my release for Invidious has been pushed back. The company that was working on the editing and proofreading was unable to provide the service that was offered. Needless to say, I am upset because I was willing to work with them but apparently wanting all words spelled properly, punctuation, etc., for the price quoted was asking too much. I am currently looking for a Proofreading service and Formatting service for upload. Will keep you all posted on progress.


I Won the Lottery!


Well, sort of. Over the past few weeks, I have been going through it. It, being everything under the sun. Stress, stress and more stress over upcoming release of Invidious, and indecision with current novel I’m working on. With school ending, I realize that I have to make time for the little people in my life and writing. This wasn’t the issue last year because my children were younger. They were not as active and I wrote on my works last evening to early morning, staying up half the night. Now I seem to pass out around ten every night.

So I’ve decided to make a schedule. Unlike myself, my children are schedule people. They love to know what the day will bring and what happens next. I am usually a let go, let’s do this now or never, type of person. That was until my body decided to slap me with a timer.

What I do know is, I couldn’t be more happy. I get these two little people for the entire summer. I will watch them, teach them, take notes, and learn. Hopefully my perception of things in life and around me will grow for the better and I will add to their enjoyment of living. And just maybe, I will gain a bit of inspiration for future books.

Happy Summer!