If I could spit I would but I can’t so I’ll just….Breathe.


Plus spitting is gross, so…

Not at my best right now. I began Invidious Betrayal to self-publish it. Yes, I realize that I may not become an overnight success. I am aware that it is hard to make a name for yourself. I am also aware that if I sold fifty copies, that would be considered pretty good.

And I was ok with that.

My problem?

I came up with a new blurb and let a few people read it and WHAM… “You should try and get this published,” they said.

They, you ask?

They, are my family, friends, and the amazing man in my life. So I queried two publishers and an agent. Low and behold, I received my first full request.

Yes that is awesome, especially when I’ve only queried three times. The problem is that if this agent doesn’t bite, I would like to go back to getting it self-published. The man in my life is determined that I should try to query more. This poses a problem. I am stressed because I really wasn’t prepared to traditionally publish this particular book. So until we stop debating over this, Invidious is on hold…

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