Advice : an opinion or recommendations offered as a guide TO action.

Ok, I give advice to help the people I love. The key word is love. My advice is not to hurt you or lead you to ruin. It isn’t to have you fail or intended to harm. It is solid, thought out, and will benefit you in the long run. It isn’t self serving or a ploy to see you crumble. If I give you advice, I care because if I didn’t I wouldn’t waste my breath.

But what pisses me off is when I give you my precious advice and you agree. You people AGREE but then…Then nothing. You do exactly the opposite or continue down the same path.

Why do I offer my advice?

I’m happy. I don’t stress the things most do. I’ve been there, done that.

Because this is the current theme of my social life – giving advice that gets ignored – I am closing up shop. Complain all you like. Mums my word. I shouldn’t have to listen the drama. It dampens my light to see you hurt over the same shit, people. So save me the pain. Keep your relationship drama to yourself or tell someone else.

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