Books That Changed My Life


Recently an acquaintance I follow posted the question “What Book Changed Your Life?” It was a question that I didn’t have to think about. There are two books that made an impact in My Own Private Idaho. I suppose I should set this post up so you can see my point.

As a kid, I was an introvert. I didn’t care for kids my age and when I was young my best friend was in her sixties. Some called me an old soul but I see it now as, I hated politics from the beginning. It is true, all the crap that we go through as kids are to prepare us for adulthood. It begins on the playground. “You can’t be our friend. You are it during tag (always). He’s my boyfriend and you stink, nan nan na boo boo.”

Now, I have to say that I was never on the receiving end of this “coming of age terrorisms”. My life was virtually bully free. I have to thank my sister who gave me black eyes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for infusing me with the ability to take a beat down, a viperous tongue, and no fear.

To get back on track here…I didn’t like playing THE game then and I don’t like it now. That is why reading is my haven. Of course we have all heard it before but I’m going to write it again. Reading takes you places, it give you hope, it bring us joy, and sometimes it will give a lonely girl who chose to be a loner an outlet.

My first love of book came along when I discovered the Choose Your Own Adventure books. They were exciting, electrifying and I got to be involved in the path I could go. I remember walking to the library and returning home with all the books I could carry. Eventually I began to take plastic market bags with me to carry all of them. I read other books but these were my favorites. That was until a cover caught my eyes.

choose your own adventure

I know the suspense is killing you so…..

Book 1

The first book that changed my life was Carrie by Stephan King.



OMG. Imagine an eleven year old loner with a healthy dose of disgust concerning her peers. Yeah, it was healthy so Don’t Judge Me. So, I had seen this cover that has this reddened image of a girl on it. Honestly, now when I see it I have to say it doesn’t have the same effect but it’s still interesting enough to get me to pick up the book. I started reading it immediately. Lord knows how I made it home with a book in my face, crossing streets and stepping up on sidewalks. Carrie had me engrossed from start to finish. I mean, I seriously thought that there was a girl named Carrie White that lived in Maine (but I thought it was somewhere in Europe) who was doing all this stuff with her mind. HER MIND. Because of the epistolary structure of the book, my silly mind thought it was all real. REAL, I tell you. I remain loyal to my KING to this day and love most of his work, especially Storm of the Century, The Stand, It, The Green Mile, and so on…

Now…let us revisit my way of thinking. As a kid, I just knew I was different. All my life I thought I was either adopted, an alien, and if I’m going to be completely honest—the virgin woman that in the end of days will live in the wilderness and raise her babe (don’t ask). That last one is a no go now… So Not A Virgin.

Carrie gave me a new POV. I was special; yeah that’s it, special. I had telekinesis and I was going to show ‘em all. Who is ‘em, I have no freaking clue now but I had a clear understanding then. Needless to say, after weeks of trying to force out my dormant powers, I realized that I was not telekinetic. Sucks for me…Good thing for ‘em. So yeah…Carrie rocked.


The other book that I rank as life changing was Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. I fell in love with the Brat Prince at first bite.

Interview with vamp

I was given the book by a guy my father used to play basketball with. Tyrone was handsome, mature, and not like the idiots that usually gave me attention. I was enamored with Tyrone and when he asked me if I read, of course I said yes. I wanted to impress him even though I had slacked off with my reading. I was nineteen or twenty and though a bit about the world I was green as grass. Tyrone wasn’t much older but because he was a friend of my father, he was TABOO. He came over to visit my father one day and gave me THE book. I started reading it because I knew he was going to come back for it. He had said as much.

To be honest I wasn’t interested until I turned the first page. WOW. I was so captivated with this world of Lestat de Lioncourt that I gorged myself on his tales. I was transformed into a book fanatic. What I find odd now is that I did not become a Vamp freak at the time. I became a Anne Rice book freak ( I specified BOOK freak and not the dress up in Goth gear, find her address, and stalk her and all things Anne Rice—Not that I blame those people. She is AWESOME. I read everything I could get my hands on after that. This book brought me back to the world of reading. The world I had lost when I found the opposite sex. I loved every one of the Vampire Tales and the Mayfair Witches. I was old enough to know that fiction meant just that, but I still lost myself in that world for the span of time it me took to read them.

As an adult with children and responsibilities, I have less time to dedicate to my true hobby, though I get lost in a book from time to time.

Some of my favorites in any particular order:

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward

The Immortals after Dark series by Kressley Cole

The Kayrs Brothers series (Fated, Tempted, etc) by Rebecca Zanetti

The Game Changer series by L. M. Trio

The Thirteen Kings series by Heather Killough-Walden

The Marked Men series by Jay Crownover

G. A. Aiken Dragon Series

The Dark Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts

Devil Eyes series by Jennifer Loren

Oh yeah, if you were wondering what happened to my crush, I found out he had dated my sister a few years before he started coming around. When he found out that our dad was our dad…he dumped her. So my interest was completely one sided. LMAO—-now. Well, happy reading people.

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