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A wonderful group I’ve just joined posed an age old question (well not age old) that so many have asked at one time or another. What do you prefer, Print books or the Ebook?

According to Wikipedia, Bob Brown was the first person to voice his idea for the electronic reader in 1930 in his book The Readies. I’ve never read the book but if you feel the need…have at it. Now several people claim to be the person who came up with the Awesome invention but I won’t go into it and honestly, I haven’t done a lick of research. I use google and Wikipedia like the rest of you and I’m just giving my opinion here. Just saying…

So the ebook is what, about 20yrs old. Getting back to my point…which do you prefer. Or rather, which one do I prefer?

Reprint of my posted comment:

I love print books and thought that I would never change over to the ebook craze. That was until I began reading a 15 book series that I was both excited and lukewarm about at times. I was broke and I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I used my local library. With the library having to order the books from other locations, I had to do a lot of waiting. Then one day my love bought me a NOOK and even though I was reluctant to use it, I was thrilled the very first time I was able to order and read the next book in the series immediately. OMG it was like candy crack dressed in sexy hot male deliciousness, wrapped in a little electronic. I still purchase hard cover favorites when I see them and books that I absolutely loved the Ebook version for my personal library but I can’t live without my Nook.

I look at it this way…if I’m on a stranded island and can take 2 things, my electronic reader (with endless battery life…It’s my damn fantasy island) with over 530 books-yeah…i read a lot-and one of the Skarsgard boys is all i want.

2 thoughts on “Print or Ebook

  1. I love both.

    I love print books because, well, they’re tangible. I love holding a book in my hand and physically turning the pages. They also look great on a bookshelf. I am a book fanatic so I will always love the print versions.


    I love my ebooks too. Mostly for the same reason as you mentioned: I can have as many books as I want at the touch of a finger. I read a lot, and quite fast, so I always run out of books to read and carrying around multiple print copies is heavy and space-consuming. I love the fact that at the click of a button (or tap on a touch screen), I can easily download a new book instantly. No need to go anywhere, no need to wait in lines, and half the time, they’re much cheaper than their printed counterparts. I also love the fact that it can sync across multiple devices and it’s ready to go when I am. Want to highlight a part? No problem! No need to mark a book. Need a definition? No need to find a dictionary because you’re ereader will define it for you!

    So, all in all, I love both. I usually will purchase both versions if I really really really love the book, so I can have the book in both of my collections.

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