Wow…Just Wow


My little Indie world is small right now but so damn much is going on that I need to vent a bit. So, yeah… I am new to this. I just released a novella in September. No, I am not a seasoned Indie Author and yes, I am just scratching the surface but I have to say that that damn surface is scary as hell.

Normally, I am an Alpha, a Lion. I don’t take shit and I don’t often give it. I will only kill when provoked. That being said, I have no shame saying that this little chuck of the Indie World I have seen so far is fucking frightening.

Why, you ask?

Let me explain.

So…what I’ve noticed so far.

Book Bashing of other authors.  You could not fathom how many authors (some who haven’t even released a novel yet) bash another Indie Author or famous Author’s work. Really? Really? I hope to hell that their (these bashers) books are fucking perfect. I swear, has no one heard of Karma. I hear she’s a bitch.

Bullying  I know…that’s what I thought. Your grown ass should not, I repeat…should not be bullying others. What the hell. Grow up, pay your bills, and keep your sheeple (will get on this in a moment) on a leash. You do realize we’re grown folk right. Right?

Sheeple  This one takes it all. I mean, I can’t even express how wrong this is. I have read the comments with my own eyes people. The sheep are stampeding all over the Indie Market. If you love an author, if you love their work, that is AWESOME but the author isn’t GOD…people who trot around like sheep. The author is human (in most cases). This person can be wrong or right, good or bad, smart or bat shit crazy. If this author is bashing, bullying, or herding his Sheeple to attack, it is WRONG. You should not be a fan of that kind of immature behavior.

And this brings me to my next point.

Cult   If it quacks like a cult. If the author is leading you by your damn nose and you blindly follow, if you are chanting shit in the dark with low lit candles…your ass is in a cult. Run FORREST, Run. I want fans like the next guy but seriously, I want free thinking, intelligent, opinionated readers, authors friends, and personal friends to call me on my shit if and when I get on my soapbox.

Am I on it now? I don’t know…maybe.

Be nice people. You only live once (in my opinion) so best get your shit together or Karma and whatever God you believe in will be toasting your ass on a pit at Satan’s barbecue.

I have to say that I have met some amazing authors, artist, and fans these past month. You guys know who you are because I never miss a chance to sing you praise. Happy reading and productive writing.


8 thoughts on “Wow…Just Wow

  1. Lois

    Oh. My. God. Truer words have never been spoken! I have been in this Indy world for about two and a half years and have witnessed firsthand exactly what you wrote about. I just ran across your blog, which I enjoyed immensely, and I’ll be checking out your novella as well.

    Nice to meet you Shea!

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