Review of Jupiter Ascending



This is my first written review for a film that I am sharing. I review tons of works and I love giving my damn opinion of just about everything with my friends. Now…the few of you that will care to read this will be privy to my, sometimes odd, opinion. I will not be giving the plot away or spoilers (cause yeah…I HATE when that is done, even when warned).

Jupiter Ascending was written and directed by the Wachowskis. See sites

Jupiter, Mila Kunis, a young woman with dreams of a different life other than her own is targeted by an alien tyrant and his siblings. Her very survival is in the hands of a hybrid, ex-soldier, Caine played by Channing Tatum.

Jupiter Ascending is now playing but you wouldn’t think so. When I went to the theatre it was basically empty. So it may not win best movie of the year but I am here to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I have heard chatter, saying that it isn’t a good movie or to just “pass” on it but that wasn’t the case for me. I am a Science Fiction whore and I really love most of the Wachowskis films (except for Speed Racer) so I may be a bit biased here… Who cares…this is my opinion.

What I liked.

The film was beautifully made. The scenes were amazing. The action was AWESOME. Channing Tatum, was believable and likeable as this character. He played his role well. Though, it took a moment to get accustomed to the blond hair.

It took several minutes.

Mila was believable as a plain Jane, though who would have thought it. She did well as Jupiter. The storyline was different, new, and refreshing. The main plot was well-developed, original, and the actors were wisely chosen. I laughed a good number of times and was shocked on more than one occasion.

What I thought was off.

This isn’t a Romance film but it did try to offer the viewer a snippet. My issues with it (the romance) is that I never saw the connection. I did see the possibility or the romance potential but I didn’t see the longing looks, the slow down period when potential love blossoms, or the moment of inception. What I did see was two very attractive people who may have been attracted to one another. I didn’t see the interest, though I can accept it but as a romantic… I missed this but it wasn’t necessary.

I also felt that there were a lot of things that could have been made clearer for me after the film ended. I could have had more explanation of the world, the relationship, the science, and what happens next, but that only tells me that I was interested in knowing. I hope that when the Blu-ray comes out that the Wachowskis will have added some deleted scenes with the explanation of what I missed. As a fan of their work, I feel like they had MORE to offer but under whatever restraints, was unable to offer that MORE to me. Their previous works, The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, were epics so I WILL be in line to buy this movie when it is released.

Fans of Science Fiction should see this movie. The original plot is well worth a view.



2 thoughts on “Review of Jupiter Ascending

  1. very eloquently put I would watch this movie now just to see what I think. I like that you go against the grain sometimes except for when you do it with me LOL. You have a good eye for noticing things others over look so I will give it a world and get back with my own opinion.

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