Is Sharing an Endorsement?

noun: endorsement; plural noun: endorsements; noun: indorsement; plural noun: indorsements
an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.

Talking to my British Babe this morning and the question of sharing came up. We were talking about my lack of pimping my books. She mentioned that I pimp other author’s books so start pimping my own. My response was that I SHARE their books, and posts. I don’t pimp.

“It is still an endorsement.” was basically her response.

Now, of course the conversation went nothing like this. The set up was totally different but this is the jest, but it leads me to the question.

Is Sharing Another’s Author’s Books An Solid Endorsement?

I always saw it as me giving my friends a boost, so others will see there work. Not an outright endorsement. I love all my author friends but that doesn’t mean that I’ve read all their books. The book may not be my preferred genre, I may not like the voice, the style, the plot.

I will however purchase and try to read my close author friends books to show my support. I will read it, or try to. If I like it, they’ve gained a fan and I will continue to purchase more. if not… But I will still share their posts, sales, and new releases. This, to me, doesn’t mean that I READ it, LOVED it, and want you to BUY it.

Is it an endorsement? Get this, it’s amazing! Or is it just a friend helping another?


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