Thank you for wanting to know me!

Books, books, books. I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember. As a small child, I use to go to my cousin’s house to read her collection of, Dr. Seuss books. My favorite is, ‘Go, Dog, Go’ by PD Eastman. During grade school, I was introduced to the ‘Choose your own Adventure’ books. Loved them! As a teen, I read my first horror novel, ‘Carrie’ by Stephen King. I still love this book. In my early twenties, I was introduced to the author that would change my world. Anne Rice, and her engrossing vampire series sparked the love I have for reading. I can go on and on about my favorite authors but I won’t.

I currently reside on the East Coast, but I have a love for the South West. I have three beautiful children who inspire me and a host of loved ones who gift their unending support. My life is simple but treasured and I feel that everyone matters.

I write Romance Novels that fall into several genres. I love the idea of love and because there is no perfect love other than that of a parent and child, I create it. Most of my stories are targeted for adults but I do not consider them erotic.


Everything written by me is my original work and I own the copyright. My work should not be used without my written permission.


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