Contemporary Romance


The site, Shush, was classy. Not at all sleazy like Fallon thought it might be. The women were beautiful, definitely upscale. He looked at each one with a buyer’s eye. He wanted the best. She had to be perfect in every way. She had to be the fantasy, but not unbelievable.
Fallon narrowed his eyes when he came to one particular image that stood out above the twenty-two others. “Brittney,” he whispered. The image was of a woman with seductive hazel eyes and smooth brown skin. He clicked on the image and it took him to her stats.
She looked a bit thinner than he liked but she wasn’t for him. “She likes traveling, fine cuisine, but doesn’t shy away from roughing it and can be whatever you want her to be. Good,” Fallon said as he clicked the contact button.
The button opened a chat window that said, you are connected to Brittney. Please type your name.
“Hmmm,” he hummed as he typed. ‘Hello. My name is Fallon and I’d like to hire you Monday night for my friend. But there are conditions. He must know you are an escort or that I hired you.’
‘Hello, Fallon. My discretion is a priority as a Shush representative and a woman. Tell me, what kind of woman does your friend like?’
‘He doesn’t really have a type but he loves the color green. Of the women I’ve seen him interested in, they seem to wear little to no makeup. He also seems to like to see her face so I suggest you wear an updo.’
‘That’s fine. Did you read the terms of service, Mr. Fallon?’
‘I understand that you are not a prostitute, yes. That isn’t what I want. I want him to have fun, to forget his troubles for a night. I need you to remind him how amazing a woman’s company can be.’
‘Is he some kind of woman hater?’
Fallon chuckled as he typed, ‘No, nothing like that. Dez is harmless, artsy, a writer. He is a bit depressed over his latest book release. I just need you to lift his spirits.’
‘That I can do. You will need to forward me his image, the time, and where. I will make him forget all his troubles for one evening. If we have a deal, a down payment is required.’
Fallon smiled as he clicked on the Pay Down Payment button. He was redirected to a payment screen where he typed in his credit card information and the amount of four hundred dollars.

A Taste of Spring is the second book in the standalone series, The Changing of the Seasons.
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My review of BEYOND SKYLINE.
I fell in love with the love story in SKYLINE the first movie. Yes, it’s a sci-fi but to me it was a Sci-Romance.

This movie was just as good. The romance wasn’t the main focus but the love and devotion that the characters felt for their loves ones was just as amazing. We meet a cop, Mark, and his young adult son, Trent, who are trying to survive the kids of their wife and mother when the Aliens come. Theirs is a strained relationship but filled with love.

These kinds of attacks, be them aliens or real terrorist, brings out the best in humanity and this movie is testimony to that. Everyone must work together to survive this old enemy. I say old…but you will have to watch to find out what I mean.

This movie was full of action and surprises. And the characters from the first are back!

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 5
Character Development: 5
Overall Movie: 5

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My Review of JUMANJI, Welcome to the Jungle.


I was mixed when I heard this film was in the works, I was afraid they would mess up. But, they didn’t!

The jock, the geek, the nerd, the diva…each of these characters had a lesson to learn. Movies and lessons…YES! Ok, back to the movie review. This movie features a lot of awesome stars and they don’t disappoint.

Each character had a role in winning Jumanji. Just like in the original, the past comes around full circle. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Nick Jonas! Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are a perfect match. That’s two in a row! The bad guy was bad in a comedic way but his parts were few so I easily dismissed them.

Overall the movie was great. The chemistry on point and it was so funny.

Look of the film: 4
Plot: 4
Character Development: 4.5
Overall Movie: 4.5

Did you see JUMANJI?
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A NEW Paranormal WIP!


I am very excited about this one.

Excerpt, Unedited.
Prologue: Title TBD

Gadreel raised his sword of cerulean fire high above his head. He tightened his hands around the hilt as he prepared to strike the final blow. Time passed as he held still above his injured brother as the fighting around them roared to deafening heights.
“Strike down the Fallen,” roared Michael from somewhere nearby.
Gadreel looked up. All around him was death.
Simi, he thought as his gaze fell on Gabriel who just took Simi’s head with his own sword of fire.
“Erase them from the Heavens,” Gabriel cried out as he walked past the rolling head of their brethren with no regard.
Gadreel hands loosened around the hilt of his sword but when Gabriel met his gaze, he tightened his fingers again as he turned to look back down at Dantanian. The fallen angel was weak and wounded at Gadreel’s feet.
With one quick swing, Dantanian’s head would be separated from his body. Dantanian would be no more.
Why didn’t he escape to the desolate place with Lucifer and the others? Did he think his disobedience would be forgiven? Do he and the others not understand that our Father’s forgiveness is solely designed for his favored, the humans.
“Finish it, Gadreel,” Dantanian said as he coughed. Low light shined through the deep wounds in his chest and side.
Gadreel furrowed his brows as he flared his fingers out then regripped his sword. He’d bested his brother but searching inside himself, he could not find the desire to kill Dantanian. He knew the Fallen were wrong to question their Lord. They were not fit for the heavens. Yet, Gadreel didn’t think death was a suitable response.
Isn’t my questioning and hesitancy to carry out the orders given to me by my superiors just as unlawful? Is the penalty death?
Gadreel looked around. Headless bodies strewed the once pristine replica of the Garden of Eden landscape. It was once a place of peace and reflection. Now it will forever be marred by death and fratricide.
I can’t…
When his weary eyes met Gabriel’s, Gadreel saw the questions mounting in his commander’s eyes. He saw when Gabriel’s gaze hardened with resolve. He actually felt fear ripple through him when Gabriel’s lips thinned as he started toward them.
With a hint of a thought, the flame that encompassed Gadreel’s sword rescinded. A flick of his hand and the sword disappeared into the ether only to return when he needed it.
Moving as fast as he could, Gadreel whipped his robe out of the way, bent and lifted Dantanian over his shoulder, and made for the Pool of Province.
He risked his very existence as he ran with Dantanian in tow. Gadreel heard the calls to halt his progress. He dodged the expertly aimed daggers and arrows of his brethren who tried to stop him. To his surprise, some of the judged, the Fallen, stepped in front of some of the blows aimed at him and Dantanian.
As Gadreel jumped over the bodies of Fallen and Devoted, he knew that he would never again step foot in the Heavens. That once he jumped into the Pool of Province, a reflective gateway that allowed Angels to observe humans and crossover to the earth, without permission that the ability to cross back over or to any plain from this moment forth will be forever revoked.
“Noooo,” Dantanian cried out.
“It is the only way to save you,” Gadreel said as he ran up the stairs to the great pool. Something hit his back, causing him to stumble forward. Dantanian’s body fell forward, hitting the tepid pool first. Gadreel followed, sighing as the water that wasn’t wet covered him from head to toe.
Gadreel didn’t have to call out for his wings to expand. His large white feathered wings flared out instinctively to slow his descent from the heavens.
Scanning the sky, Gadreel searched for his brother but what he saw wasn’t an Angel soaring through the darkening skies. What he saw was a smoking body tumble rolling toward the earth. Gadreel positioned his wings back to dive but suddenly felt an intense debilitating pain with the movement.
Gadreel cried out as he pumped his smoking wings long enough to see that they were ablaze. There was only one thing to do. He dived toward Dantanian, tucking his wings back. When he slammed into his unconscious brother, Gadreel shook off the pain and extended his burning wings to slow them before slamming into the ocean.

MY REVIEW OF Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler.


This is a manga made into a series and my first exposure to these characters. I watched in on Netflix and it is dubbed in english.

Yumeko Jabami, a new transfer seems sweet and innocent. But looks can be deceiving. She embarks on this new chapter in her life with vigor when she realizes the competition she will have at this new school. A school that gambles the futures and fortunes of its student.

Gambling in Gambling High School is literally a way of life and will mold who and what worth you have. If you lose and can’t pay up, you are demoted from human to pet, which means you are basically nothing. But Yumeko arrives and shakes up the student counsel and the entire school.

Though, not my usual taste but I finished the first season in one sitting. The characters and their stories were engaging. Some of it is a bit Dark….but I welcome dark. This is a win for me and I can’t wait for season two. I may have to sign up for another streaming service to get this and more sooner.

Look of the Anime: 5
Plot: 5
Character Development: 4
Overall Anime: 4.5

Did you see Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler.
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My Review of Attack of the Killer Donut


A chemical gets into some donuts at a donut shop that caused the donuts to animate and kill.

I love movies and that includes goofy movies so I watched this. This movie had some common roll your eyes tropes but I was still entertained. The MC, a male who’s name I don’t remember, is an average guy who has an average life. His best friend, a beautiful nice girl who he ignores, is in love with him. His uncle, a crackpot, infects the town.

Ok, this movie was watched at a time when I was in sleep awake limbo. The dialogue was eh, the special effects, eh, but I couldn’t turn away. The plot, reminded me of an 80s-90s throwback so that could be why I stuck with it. I really don’t have much good to say about it but I don’t have anything bad to say either. Donuts attack…so, yeah…there you have it. I plan to watch it again while I’m fully awake, though I don’t think anything will change.

This movie is considered a Bad Good Bad Movie and will be reviewed as such.

Look of the film: 3
Plot: 2
Character Development: 3
Overall Movie: 2.5

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My Review of YOUR NAME


YOUR NAME is an Japanese Animated film in which a girl from a small town, Mitsuha, mysteriously switches bodies with, Taki, a guy from the big city. It was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai.

This film was very enjoyable. I loved the switches, trying to figure out who was who and in what time. The beginning was fun and interesting as you wonder what each of these intriguing characters are going to do to muck up the other’s life.

Then the story turns more serious and you realize you care what happens to them. Will they overcome the horrible circumstances that face them? Will they ever meet? What is going to happen? The relationships you see them interact in are wonderful. Each character has a great support system but will it matter…

I yelled at the television more than once while watching this film. I loved the twists and turns. I sat on the edge of my seat of two occasions when I thought it was ending. Screaming…Nit like this. Dont end like this. Thank goodness it didn’t. And the ending…I wanted more but I also loved it. I recommend this film and am very happy I was gifted it.

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 5+
Character Development: 5

Overall Movie: 5

Did you see Your Name?
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