The Descent of the Halo Serial


Book III Featurning CALEB from #ChainedToTheDevilsSon
Scene: I Am Yours, Sir
Marda, a slave in 1800s is given to Caleb
Caleb’s POV

Caleb stirred with awareness but made no move to sit up.
“It is late in the day, Caleb,” Fredrick kicked the end of the bed. “Rise up.”
Caleb brought his hand up over his face. He lifted his heavy head up enough to look at Fredrick who was seated in a chair at the foot of the bed. Caleb moaned, “Please brother, spare me.”
Fredrick kicked the bed again, this time with more force. “You’ve slept for two days passed. Get up,” he said louder.
Caleb grimaced as he pushed up on his elbows. It took him longer to sit up on the side of the bed. When he was stable, he looked over at his older brother then submerged his face in the basin of water on a table beside his bed. He toweled his face and bare chest dry then picked up a few pieces of meat from a plate next to the basin.
“What is so dire?” Caleb asked as he chewed.
“I’m taking mother home,” Fredrick said. “We depart in a few hours.”
Caleb gave no indication that the news of his mother’s impending departure affected him. He continued to eat from the plate.
“What’s happened to you, brother? You drink and keep company with the lowest assortment of loose women and scoundrels. The few times you’ve graced us with your company, you are drunken and bloodied from the fighting you do. I am told you boxed several men at a time, and for what? Pennies.” Fredrick sighed. “Uncle has told mother of your partying. That you reside and associate with Watkins and his sort. Scoundrels you should not acquaint yourself with.”
“Have you considered that I am the sort of man they should not acquaint themselves with, dear brother?” Caleb lifted a glass to his mouth.
“Clearly you’ve no care of our mother’s well-being.” Fredrick stood. He walked over to the cottage door and opened it. He gently ushered Marda inside, who walked in with her head down. Fredrick closed the door and followed her. He pointed over to the bed for her to sit. Marda sat down on the very edge, on the other side of Caleb.
Caleb’s entire body tensed when he smelled her sweet floral scent. He fisted his hands until his knuckles turned white but he didn’t turn to look at her.
“Jai and her child will accompany us to France. Marda will remain.” Fredrick pulled some papers from his breast pocket and flung them on the bed behind Caleb.
Caleb ground his teeth together as he felt for the papers. He refused to turn around to look at Marda or his brother, who for the first time in his dull predictable life had done something shocking. He peered at the documents.
It was papers concerning Marda. Marda, the girl of his dreams, now the woman of his nightmares. The woman he tried to drink from his mind was now his property. He read the papers over and over again.
“What game do you play?”
“She is yours now, Caleb. Do with her what you will.” Fredrick made his way to the cottage door.
“What do you mean, she is mine?” Caleb stood, and in the blink of an eye crossed the length of the cottage and grabbed his brother’s arm. He whipped Fredrick around to face him.
“I have a theory, you see. I think that your behavior is the direct result of what you desire and can’t have. I know you care for her, Caleb. I’ve always known. We all do. Why do you think father refused to sell her to Mr. Potts, Lord Havers, and all the others who offered much more than what’s fair? You know that Mr. Potts was planning to breed her with Zeus, his biggest and hardest working slave, as a gift to bear offspring. Lord Havers…well, his intentions were much more unsavory. Father flat-out refused their generous offers, often because of you and mother. So, brother…she is yours.” Fredrick grunted out. “Now let go of my arm.”
Caleb knew exactly why Lord Havers wanted Marda. He was the proprietor of a brothel and Marda would have made him richer. He heard the man say those exact words to his father at one of his mother’s dinner parties one evening. It took all he was not to clobber the hell out of the old bastard.
“Are you that heartless? You are no better than them. What would you have me do? Take her screaming to my bed and in a few months’ time, she bears a child I cannot claim as my own? In a few years, I marry an upstanding white woman who bears me children as well, but they can call me father but Marda’s young cannot!” Caleb yelled. “Is this the life you want to condemn her to?”
Fredrick tried to pry Caleb’s hand off him. “If that is what will calm the storm in your mind and bring my brother back to what’s left of the family who loves him, then yes, it is.”
Caleb dropped his hold on Fredrick’s arm as he stared at Fredrick, wide-eyed and stunned.
What have I done to my family?
Fredrick pulled the door open. “No need for farewells. I had them escorted to the docks this morn. You had important business to attend but you will send correspondence as soon as you can. Your wealth is great, try not to squander it all.” Fredrick sighed. “We hope to see you soon, Caleb.” Fredrick left, leaving Caleb standing by the door.
The children.
He felt a wave of hopelessness overtake him. He leaned on the door jamb with his hand over his eyes, blocking out the sun. Selene, Jai’s daughter, and William, Fredrick’s son, were dear to him. To not be able to say goodbye to them and his mother, or even the judgmental Abigail, his sister by marriage, was a painful blow.
Caleb felt his anger rise as he moved to confront his brother and show him exactly what made him a sure bet during his boxing matches. But he froze when he heard Marda stir behind him. He wanted to tell her to be gone by the time he returned.
He didn’t mean to turn around and look at her, but when he did, Caleb stumbled back into the open door. Marda was standing naked next to the bed. One of her arms was stretched across her small perfect breasts. The nipples were hidden but the pressure of her arm pushed the flesh below them to swell. Her other arm was stretched the length of her torso, her hand covering the hair over her sex. When his burning eyes trailed back up to her face, Caleb’s heart almost stopped because when their eyes met, Marda slowly let her arms fall away and displayed her slender yet shapely body.
Dear God, she is magnificent.
Marda stood bare for him to see. Her hair was uncovered and freely flowed down her back but several strands fell over her shoulder. Caleb took scores of women to his bed but none equaled Marda.
No…you hate her, he reminded himself.
With new determination, Caleb crossed the room and covered Marda with the blanket from his bed before she could blink. He could tell his movements frightened her because he felt her fear like the blast of a cannon to his chest. In all the years as her Protector, he never felt such raw emotion. It was so strong it caused him to stumble forward.
Marda reached out to steady him. “I do not fear you, but seeing you move that fast…” She paused and lowered her head. “Forgive me, I did not mean to speak.” She let go of his arms and moved back.
“Forgive you? Marda, you speak when you choose.” Caleb turned his head to look away as he bent to retrieve the blanket that fell when he stumbled. He continued to look away as he placed it around her again. “…and I do not own you.”
“I am yours, sir.”
His body immediately reacted to her declaration. Caleb looked at Marda’s face. There was nothing in her eyes. No fire, no passion, no desire that would have him believe she wanted him. Marda was clearly acting on orders.
“Use my name please, not sir,” Caleb spat. He wanted her away from him. She could go away with his family. Living without her love was his cruel reality but to have her offer herself because she was ordered to was unbearable. He turned his head toward the door and twisted his body to follow but…he heard the blanket hit the floor again. Damn his super-sensitive hearing.
Caleb stilled when Marda took a step toward him. They were inches apart now. He could feel her body heat against his skin.
“Caleb,” she said softly.
He closed his eyes when he heard her sing the two syllables that made up his name. Speaking was something Marda didn’t do often. Everyone thought her mute. The only one she spoke to was Jai…and him.
The times she spoke to him, she never said his name. Her pronunciation and her soft tone warmed him in a way he didn’t expect.
“You torment me,” Caleb hissed. He balled his fists tightly. “Can you not see? It is immoral, what I want of you, Marda.”
“Have you quenched your desire for me with all the women you have taken to your bed?”
Marda pressed her breasts against his bare back and wrapped her arms around his chiseled chest. Caleb shivered when they touched. Lost in her warmth, he allowed his fingers to trace her arm before he realized what he was doing.
Caleb turned around and grabbed her wrist tightly. “You mock my pain,” he said angrily. He threw her onto the bed.
Marda fell back, and before she could sit up, Caleb was on top of her. He felt the dizzying effect that alerted him of her fright but he ignored it. Doing so caused him a great deal of pain that shot through his head but he locked it down, growling because his need for her was even more painful.

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Character Interview


INTERVIEW ░░▒▓███►
DARK BRIGHT, Claiming His Angel

I come to you today with a special guest. Meet Gadreel Angelis, Battle Angel and currently one of earth’s residence.

Q: “Mr. Angelis, cute surname by the way, how old are you?”
A: “Please, call me Gadreel. As for my age, let’s just say that I was created shortly after the dawn of time.”
(he glances at the field that is just to the side of the farmhouse porch where they sit. He seems to focus on a little boy of no more than six years of age. The boy and another man, an extremely attractive black man, are doing some kind of hand to hand combat training. The kid seems too young for that kind of training, in her opinion.)

Q: Wow, well…I must say that you look very good for your age. Are you considered a Fallen Angel?
A: “My status is a bit more complicated than the label, “Fallen”.” (he looks down and seems a bit reflective) “But, yes. Technically, I fell.”

Q: “I hear that you weren’t one of the Morning Star’s forsaken. That you didn’t fall for the “cause”.
A: “That’s what you heard? Who told you that?”
(she feels warm, and admittedly, a little frightened.)

Q-response: “Unfortunately, I cannot divulge my source.”
A-response: “You do realize I can just pick it from your mind?”
Q-response: “But,” (she holds up her hand, palm forward with a placating smile) “…I know that you won’t.”
(he just smiles. It’s a wickedly delicious smile that makes parts of her pulse in ways that are truly un-Godly. His smile widens. She has to assume he knows his effect on women.)

Q: (she clears her throat and adjusts in the seat) “Why, uh, why did you agree to this interview?”
A: “I would like for you to know that things are in play. That your world is going to change if the Dark Bright gets what they want.”
(his expression and bright blue eyes are so intense that she almost believes him.)

Q: “What or who is the Dark Bright?”
A: “You will find out soon enough.”

Q: “If you aren’t candid with me, why should my readers believe you are what you say you are? Why should I, for that matter?”
A: “Because, Mrs. Velasquez, your son needs me. His nightmares will get worse. He will grow stronger, and if he doesn’t get the proper training, he will die when they come for him.”

(she drops her small recorder and jumps to her feet.)
Q-response: “How do you know about my son and his dreams?”
A-response: “Unlike my son, Godrick, a direct offspring, your son is a descendant of a Nephilim who somehow escaped the Great Flood and the mass genocide the Dark Bright instituted. If you don’t accept this, his and your life will end as soon as he is discovered.”

Q-response: (she places her hand over her chest, trying to calm her accelerating heartbeat before she closes her hand into a fist)
Q: “You’re crazy. Stay away from me and my son. I should call child protective services on you and that creep over in the field.”
Q-response (She points to the field then bends and picks up her recorder and purse up off the floor of the porch. She takes a step toward the stairs. But just as she does, the air seems to grow thick around her. Then a sound, something like a sheet being unfurled in the air, causes her to turn around. What she sees…)
Q: “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…he has wings!”

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A NEW Paranormal WIP!


I am very excited about this one.

Excerpt, Unedited.
Prologue: Title TBD

Gadreel raised his sword of cerulean fire high above his head. He tightened his hands around the hilt as he prepared to strike the final blow. Time passed as he held still above his injured brother as the fighting around them roared to deafening heights.
“Strike down the Fallen,” roared Michael from somewhere nearby.
Gadreel looked up. All around him was death.
Simi, he thought as his gaze fell on Gabriel who just took Simi’s head with his own sword of fire.
“Erase them from the Heavens,” Gabriel cried out as he walked past the rolling head of their brethren with no regard.
Gadreel hands loosened around the hilt of his sword but when Gabriel met his gaze, he tightened his fingers again as he turned to look back down at Dantanian. The fallen angel was weak and wounded at Gadreel’s feet.
With one quick swing, Dantanian’s head would be separated from his body. Dantanian would be no more.
Why didn’t he escape to the desolate place with Lucifer and the others? Did he think his disobedience would be forgiven? Do he and the others not understand that our Father’s forgiveness is solely designed for his favored, the humans.
“Finish it, Gadreel,” Dantanian said as he coughed. Low light shined through the deep wounds in his chest and side.
Gadreel furrowed his brows as he flared his fingers out then regripped his sword. He’d bested his brother but searching inside himself, he could not find the desire to kill Dantanian. He knew the Fallen were wrong to question their Lord. They were not fit for the heavens. Yet, Gadreel didn’t think death was a suitable response.
Isn’t my questioning and hesitancy to carry out the orders given to me by my superiors just as unlawful? Is the penalty death?
Gadreel looked around. Headless bodies strewed the once pristine replica of the Garden of Eden landscape. It was once a place of peace and reflection. Now it will forever be marred by death and fratricide.
I can’t…
When his weary eyes met Gabriel’s, Gadreel saw the questions mounting in his commander’s eyes. He saw when Gabriel’s gaze hardened with resolve. He actually felt fear ripple through him when Gabriel’s lips thinned as he started toward them.
With a hint of a thought, the flame that encompassed Gadreel’s sword rescinded. A flick of his hand and the sword disappeared into the ether only to return when he needed it.
Moving as fast as he could, Gadreel whipped his robe out of the way, bent and lifted Dantanian over his shoulder, and made for the Pool of Province.
He risked his very existence as he ran with Dantanian in tow. Gadreel heard the calls to halt his progress. He dodged the expertly aimed daggers and arrows of his brethren who tried to stop him. To his surprise, some of the judged, the Fallen, stepped in front of some of the blows aimed at him and Dantanian.
As Gadreel jumped over the bodies of Fallen and Devoted, he knew that he would never again step foot in the Heavens. That once he jumped into the Pool of Province, a reflective gateway that allowed Angels to observe humans and crossover to the earth, without permission that the ability to cross back over or to any plain from this moment forth will be forever revoked.
“Noooo,” Dantanian cried out.
“It is the only way to save you,” Gadreel said as he ran up the stairs to the great pool. Something hit his back, causing him to stumble forward. Dantanian’s body fell forward, hitting the tepid pool first. Gadreel followed, sighing as the water that wasn’t wet covered him from head to toe.
Gadreel didn’t have to call out for his wings to expand. His large white feathered wings flared out instinctively to slow his descent from the heavens.
Scanning the sky, Gadreel searched for his brother but what he saw wasn’t an Angel soaring through the darkening skies. What he saw was a smoking body tumble rolling toward the earth. Gadreel positioned his wings back to dive but suddenly felt an intense debilitating pain with the movement.
Gadreel cried out as he pumped his smoking wings long enough to see that they were ablaze. There was only one thing to do. He dived toward Dantanian, tucking his wings back. When he slammed into his unconscious brother, Gadreel shook off the pain and extended his burning wings to slow them before slamming into the ocean.



Caleb Interviews a Journalist
Time: Present
Book: The Binding of the Halo Series

Caleb walked through the busy office with his mind set on tying up a few loose ends. He pushed down the door handle and walked into the office located in the back. The man behind the desk looked up and frowned.

Q. “Do you know who I am? And don’t lie, I will know.” Caleb closed the door.

A. “Maybe.” The man settled back in his seat then looked past Caleb and out into the bustling news office.

He was most likely looking for security but they were indisposed.

Q. “I was born in 1806 near the city New Dominion, to a wealthy planter. Your organization has been looking for me since 1826.”

A. The man shifted in his seat. “My newspaper wasn’t even around in 1826.”

Caleb crossed the distance in a flash and grabbed the man by his throat, lifted him out of the chair, and stared him in his wide terrified brown eyes.

Q. “You know of me?”

The man blinked due to his throat being squeezed.

Q. “Then you know that I’m not a patient man.”

The man blinked again.

Q. “So, would you rather die, which I promise to make painful, or will you give me the respect I’m due?

The man blinked.

“Good,” Caleb said, then lowered the man back to his chair.

Coughing, the man rubbed his neck. “Your birth name is Caleb Scott. You are…something other than human but we don’t know what. You aren’t a vampire or any other fabled creature. As far as we know, you are responsible for over two hundred deaths.”

“I love history, Mr. Dobson. I believe that you can learn a great deal from a glimpse into the past. That is why I’ve left you and your…club, alone but you have stumbled upon someone dear to me. So, I will make this offer once and only once. Destroy all you have on Cianne Baxter and forget about her, her kidnapping, and the odd incident with the dogs. Or I will add 75 more bodies to that grossly inaccurate sum you have.”

Caleb looked down, focusing on the man’s crotch where his urine was soaking into his pants. “I’m glad we understand one another.” Caleb looked over at the family photo on Dobson’s desk. Then, in a flash of light, Caleb disappeared. He needed to get to Arizona and Cianne.

Note: This scene isn’t in the books. It happens after Book 1 and before Book 2.

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Can you RESIST the man you love to keep him safe when he persistently pursues you?

If being with the woman you love means hardship, pain, and possible death…do you BRAVE it all for love?


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Character Interview…Heaven on Hell Island


This post contains language and views that may be upsetting. It is FICTION. Discretion Advised.

Chris 2

◄███▓★Character Interview★▓███►
◄███▓ Heaven on Hell Island ▓███►

A Hate to Love Romance

I want to thank you, Mr. Stokes, for talking with me today and giving me and my readers some insight on what’s in the mind of a member of the White Elites.

Q. I understand that you are going on a vacation in a few days. Where are you going?
A. My friend and I are backpacking through Europe.

Q. With DNA profiling so big in this day and age, is this a “finding your roots” kind of trip?
A. I know my roots. I don’t need some asshole fucking around with my head. Those things are another way to sell race mixing. My trip is more for relaxation and soul searching.

Hmmm…alrighty. So, let’s get some basic questions out of the way, Chris.

Q. What do you think people’s first impression of you is when meeting you?
A. I don’t give a shit what people think.

Q. Do you think your parents are proud of the person you’ve become?
(He shrugs)
A. I can’t speak for them so, you’ll have to ask them yourself.

Q. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?.
A. Now, why would I tell you that?

Q. Do you believe in Happily Ever After? Do you want to get married?
A. I don’t believe anyone is truly happy. As for marriage, I don’t see the point. People can barely stand themselves. Why pretend to love each other.

Q. What do you like about yourself?
A. I’m resourceful.

Q.If you could wish for anything, anything at all, what would it be?
A. That the white race can prosper without all the drama.

Alright, now for some questions about your beliefs.

Q. Why can’t we as Americans prosper together?
A. Why is it so wrong to want whats best for my race. When blacks want their own award shows or channels, it’s viewed as a great thing but when a white person wants some separation, it’s a problem.

Q. Do you feel that you, as a white man, have been held back?
A. I believe that opportunities that I and my race created in this country have been squandered. that the American dream isn’t American anymore.

Q. What is your perfect world?
A. A world where I don’t have to fight for my rightful place.

Q. You were recently arrested for assault on a black police officer. He dropped the charges. Do you have anything to say about that incident?
A. No.

Q. You have quite the reputation for being a badass. Are you carrying a weapon, right now?
A. Yes.

Q. Would you call yourself a racist?
A. No. But I don’t have an issue with the term.

Q. Some believe that if you get to know a person of color, that you may have a change of heart. Have you ever taken the time to get to know a person of color?
A. Interview over.

Okay. So, I want to thank you for sitting down with me again. I hope you find what you are searching for on your trip, Mr. Stokes.

Heaven on Hel Island
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Are you Watering Down your Reviews?


Being an Indie Author or Blogger, it’s tricky to review books. You ask yourself, what if I piss one of these indies off and incur the wrath of their psycho entourage?

I worry about this often. Buy I have to overlook this. If we only report and review the 4 star books, will our opinion matter to our fans in the end. I think that eventually, people will dismiss our reviews and our opinions. Because giving feedback on 4 star books in a way, is being biased. We aren’t giving our complete opinion, but just a watered down version of it.

This example may be extreme but…”I’m only going to let the pretty ones in and pretend the others don’t exist”

This Indie world in so odd. Most of us want to be labeled writers and most of us want to be taken seriously as writers but we skew guidelines and reviews to suit us.

We are often told to be nice, “give them an A for effort, don’t judge them like you would a traditionally published book. Lower the standards…we are all learning.”


But I ask…if we blur most of the lines, in reference to reviews and concerning basic writing skills, will we ever grow. We can’t better our craft, our writing, if we are held to an halfass standard.

Do You Still Want A Review? A reviewer’s POV


Author: I’m looking for reviews. Will you…

Reviewer: You don’t want my personal opinion. You say you do, you’ve convinced yourself that you do. Though, I KNOW not all of you do. You are too emotional. The Indie author world is too emotional. You will get angry or cry if it isn’t what YOU expected. You will tell your pals, smear my name because I gave you my…MY opinion. You know, the one you asked for.

You call it an attack…that my words are jealous filled hate. Then you will attack me for it return, you and your friends. All this, for doing exactly what you’ve asked me for. You still want a review?

Maybe you should think over it a little more. Because you know what…it’s my review and my opinion. You Authors say it should be constructive…that i should help you grow. (Smiling at this).

It’s not my job to help you grow, to hone your craft. Do movie reviewers set out to help Actors/Directors grow? What about gaming reviewers? No…but you Indie writers are different, right.

It’s my personal opinon. If YOU take it personally…then you may need to rethink your profession. Maybe, putting yourself/your work out there isn’t the best thing.

Do you still want a review