Contemporary Romance


The site, Shush, was classy. Not at all sleazy like Fallon thought it might be. The women were beautiful, definitely upscale. He looked at each one with a buyer’s eye. He wanted the best. She had to be perfect in every way. She had to be the fantasy, but not unbelievable.
Fallon narrowed his eyes when he came to one particular image that stood out above the twenty-two others. “Brittney,” he whispered. The image was of a woman with seductive hazel eyes and smooth brown skin. He clicked on the image and it took him to her stats.
She looked a bit thinner than he liked but she wasn’t for him. “She likes traveling, fine cuisine, but doesn’t shy away from roughing it and can be whatever you want her to be. Good,” Fallon said as he clicked the contact button.
The button opened a chat window that said, you are connected to Brittney. Please type your name.
“Hmmm,” he hummed as he typed. ‘Hello. My name is Fallon and I’d like to hire you Monday night for my friend. But there are conditions. He must know you are an escort or that I hired you.’
‘Hello, Fallon. My discretion is a priority as a Shush representative and a woman. Tell me, what kind of woman does your friend like?’
‘He doesn’t really have a type but he loves the color green. Of the women I’ve seen him interested in, they seem to wear little to no makeup. He also seems to like to see her face so I suggest you wear an updo.’
‘That’s fine. Did you read the terms of service, Mr. Fallon?’
‘I understand that you are not a prostitute, yes. That isn’t what I want. I want him to have fun, to forget his troubles for a night. I need you to remind him how amazing a woman’s company can be.’
‘Is he some kind of woman hater?’
Fallon chuckled as he typed, ‘No, nothing like that. Dez is harmless, artsy, a writer. He is a bit depressed over his latest book release. I just need you to lift his spirits.’
‘That I can do. You will need to forward me his image, the time, and where. I will make him forget all his troubles for one evening. If we have a deal, a down payment is required.’
Fallon smiled as he clicked on the Pay Down Payment button. He was redirected to a payment screen where he typed in his credit card information and the amount of four hundred dollars.

A Taste of Spring is the second book in the standalone series, The Changing of the Seasons.
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Chained to the Devil’s Son


It was supposed to be the start of a new chapter in their lives. What it turned out to be was a life worse than death.

When Evelyn Jones’ family made a wrong turn onto the property of one of the most racist men in the south, she discovered that Hell is definitely a place on earth. She had few memories of the loving life her parents’ provided. Constant fear replaced her free-spirited youth and the person responsible was the Devil himself. That’s who young Evelyn thought the man who took her family captive, to suffer under his sadistic rule and hateful tongue, was.

Junior Shaw was the only one who had to endure his father’s torture, and then they arrived. No one understood survival of the fittest like Junior. The strong stomped on the weak, and the weaker are stomped on repeatedly. Twelve-year-old Junior was the weak according to his father. To be raised under evil’s hoof was hell, but when his father turned his hatred on others, Junior adopted the role of protector. However, who will protect him?

Two children must mature under horrid circumstances and soul-crushing abuse. This standalone full-length novel is a tale of uncompromising hate and unending love and devotion. Delve into the darkness of Chained to the Devil’s Son.

Book is for readers 18 years and older. Reader discretion advised.







Are you Watering Down your Reviews?


Being an Indie Author or Blogger, it’s tricky to review books. You ask yourself, what if I piss one of these indies off and incur the wrath of their psycho entourage?

I worry about this often. Buy I have to overlook this. If we only report and review the 4 star books, will our opinion matter to our fans in the end. I think that eventually, people will dismiss our reviews and our opinions. Because giving feedback on 4 star books in a way, is being biased. We aren’t giving our complete opinion, but just a watered down version of it.

This example may be extreme but…”I’m only going to let the pretty ones in and pretend the others don’t exist”

This Indie world in so odd. Most of us want to be labeled writers and most of us want to be taken seriously as writers but we skew guidelines and reviews to suit us.

We are often told to be nice, “give them an A for effort, don’t judge them like you would a traditionally published book. Lower the standards…we are all learning.”


But I ask…if we blur most of the lines, in reference to reviews and concerning basic writing skills, will we ever grow. We can’t better our craft, our writing, if we are held to an halfass standard.

Do You Still Want A Review? A reviewer’s POV


Author: I’m looking for reviews. Will you…

Reviewer: You don’t want my personal opinion. You say you do, you’ve convinced yourself that you do. Though, I KNOW not all of you do. You are too emotional. The Indie author world is too emotional. You will get angry or cry if it isn’t what YOU expected. You will tell your pals, smear my name because I gave you my…MY opinion. You know, the one you asked for.

You call it an attack…that my words are jealous filled hate. Then you will attack me for it return, you and your friends. All this, for doing exactly what you’ve asked me for. You still want a review?

Maybe you should think over it a little more. Because you know what…it’s my review and my opinion. You Authors say it should be constructive…that i should help you grow. (Smiling at this).

It’s not my job to help you grow, to hone your craft. Do movie reviewers set out to help Actors/Directors grow? What about gaming reviewers? No…but you Indie writers are different, right.

It’s my personal opinon. If YOU take it personally…then you may need to rethink your profession. Maybe, putting yourself/your work out there isn’t the best thing.

Do you still want a review

Frenemies, Outdo-ers, and Aboutme-ers,



Hello Again!

So, today I want to talk about the people who you want to trust, the ones that have you thinking that they have your back, that they want you to succeed.

The sweetness just oozes from their pores. Their well wishes come so easily. Everyone loves them to pieces. But you…you feel something odd permeating from their virtual aura but you can’t put your finger on it at first. The fine hairs on your neck stand up when you see a comment from them. Your teeth clench when you see they’ve mentioned your name in that comment because you know it’s puffery. You wonder if anyone else sees the fake-ness but you don’t like starting unnecessary shit so you keep it to yourself.

Usually my senses never lie. I am pretty good at seeing through the bullshit that most people hide behind a smile. Though in the virtual world it is a bit harder…but not impossible. I’ve learned over the years that you do not have to do anything to warrant any hate from a frenemy, Outdoer, or Aboutme-ers. Lord knows I haven’t. You can be the most genuine and honest person in the world but for some reason some people will still pick you to dislike.

Frenemy: They have everyone thinking that they are the nicest, sweetest, person in the world but is whispering in their closest friend’s ears about you, knowing and hoping that their friends spread their tall tales. Mostly lies, but they have a way of spinning your words to make you seem disingenuous or fake. They always have nice words for you and about you in a crowd but are always scheming. Why? Who the hell knows? Maybe they can tell you are what they aren’t.

Outdo-ers: Did you know this was a competition? Hell, I didn’t. Your Outdo-ers have a driving need to outdo everyone. Sadly most of us don’t even know it was a damn race or is even interested in the prize. Is there a prize? Sales, men, friends… It’s not that serious people. This is the virtual world, everyone can play. Just play responsibly! (wink)

Aboutme-ers: This is Self explanatory. All I have to say it that the virtual world is the place for them to SHINE bright like a diamond. SHINE BABY SHINE! I ain’t made at you.

My thoughts…because yeah, this is my Blog: There should be no hating in the sale of anything. Books, goods, and services, because people will always need these things. My thing is books, so I will personalize this. When readers finish a book, they WILL likely pick up another. Anyone can be a bestseller if they can spin a good tale. So STOP the hating. Grow the Hell up.

Wow…Just Wow


My little Indie world is small right now but so damn much is going on that I need to vent a bit. So, yeah… I am new to this. I just released a novella in September. No, I am not a seasoned Indie Author and yes, I am just scratching the surface but I have to say that that damn surface is scary as hell.

Normally, I am an Alpha, a Lion. I don’t take shit and I don’t often give it. I will only kill when provoked. That being said, I have no shame saying that this little chuck of the Indie World I have seen so far is fucking frightening.

Why, you ask?

Let me explain.

So…what I’ve noticed so far.

Book Bashing of other authors.  You could not fathom how many authors (some who haven’t even released a novel yet) bash another Indie Author or famous Author’s work. Really? Really? I hope to hell that their (these bashers) books are fucking perfect. I swear, has no one heard of Karma. I hear she’s a bitch.

Bullying  I know…that’s what I thought. Your grown ass should not, I repeat…should not be bullying others. What the hell. Grow up, pay your bills, and keep your sheeple (will get on this in a moment) on a leash. You do realize we’re grown folk right. Right?

Sheeple  This one takes it all. I mean, I can’t even express how wrong this is. I have read the comments with my own eyes people. The sheep are stampeding all over the Indie Market. If you love an author, if you love their work, that is AWESOME but the author isn’t GOD…people who trot around like sheep. The author is human (in most cases). This person can be wrong or right, good or bad, smart or bat shit crazy. If this author is bashing, bullying, or herding his Sheeple to attack, it is WRONG. You should not be a fan of that kind of immature behavior.

And this brings me to my next point.

Cult   If it quacks like a cult. If the author is leading you by your damn nose and you blindly follow, if you are chanting shit in the dark with low lit candles…your ass is in a cult. Run FORREST, Run. I want fans like the next guy but seriously, I want free thinking, intelligent, opinionated readers, authors friends, and personal friends to call me on my shit if and when I get on my soapbox.

Am I on it now? I don’t know…maybe.

Be nice people. You only live once (in my opinion) so best get your shit together or Karma and whatever God you believe in will be toasting your ass on a pit at Satan’s barbecue.

I have to say that I have met some amazing authors, artist, and fans these past month. You guys know who you are because I never miss a chance to sing you praise. Happy reading and productive writing.

My First Time


I did it! My publishing cherry has been popped, I’ve released my first book/novella. How does it feel? Honestly, I’m aware, I know it has happened but i don’t feel any different because I am always excited about every and anything that involves Release. This is just the beginning.

Check out the free sample, buy it for .99 cents, and grace me with a review. Enjoy your day!