Frenemies, Outdo-ers, and Aboutme-ers,



Hello Again!

So, today I want to talk about the people who you want to trust, the ones that have you thinking that they have your back, that they want you to succeed.

The sweetness just oozes from their pores. Their well wishes come so easily. Everyone loves them to pieces. But you…you feel something odd permeating from their virtual aura but you can’t put your finger on it at first. The fine hairs on your neck stand up when you see a comment from them. Your teeth clench when you see they’ve mentioned your name in that comment because you know it’s puffery. You wonder if anyone else sees the fake-ness but you don’t like starting unnecessary shit so you keep it to yourself.

Usually my senses never lie. I am pretty good at seeing through the bullshit that most people hide behind a smile. Though in the virtual world it is a bit harder…but not impossible. I’ve learned over the years that you do not have to do anything to warrant any hate from a frenemy, Outdoer, or Aboutme-ers. Lord knows I haven’t. You can be the most genuine and honest person in the world but for some reason some people will still pick you to dislike.

Frenemy: They have everyone thinking that they are the nicest, sweetest, person in the world but is whispering in their closest friend’s ears about you, knowing and hoping that their friends spread their tall tales. Mostly lies, but they have a way of spinning your words to make you seem disingenuous or fake. They always have nice words for you and about you in a crowd but are always scheming. Why? Who the hell knows? Maybe they can tell you are what they aren’t.

Outdo-ers: Did you know this was a competition? Hell, I didn’t. Your Outdo-ers have a driving need to outdo everyone. Sadly most of us don’t even know it was a damn race or is even interested in the prize. Is there a prize? Sales, men, friends… It’s not that serious people. This is the virtual world, everyone can play. Just play responsibly! (wink)

Aboutme-ers: This is Self explanatory. All I have to say it that the virtual world is the place for them to SHINE bright like a diamond. SHINE BABY SHINE! I ain’t made at you.

My thoughts…because yeah, this is my Blog: There should be no hating in the sale of anything. Books, goods, and services, because people will always need these things. My thing is books, so I will personalize this. When readers finish a book, they WILL likely pick up another. Anyone can be a bestseller if they can spin a good tale. So STOP the hating. Grow the Hell up.