Chained to the Devil’s Son

Delve​ Into the Darkness of Chained to the Devil's Son

It was supposed to be the start of a new chapter in their lives. What it turned out to be was a life worse than death.

When Evelyn Jones’ family made a wrong turn onto the property of one of the most racist men in the south, she discovered that Hell is definitely a place on earth. She had few memories of the loving life her parents’ provided. Constant fear replaced her free-spirited youth and the person responsible was the Devil himself. That’s who young Evelyn thought the man who took her family captive, to suffer under his sadistic rule and hateful tongue, was.

Junior Shaw was the only one who had to endure his father’s torture, and then they arrived. No one understood survival of the fittest like Junior. The strong stomped on the weak, and the weaker are stomped on repeatedly. Twelve-year-old Junior was the weak according to his father. To be raised under evil’s hoof was hell, but when his father turned his hatred on others, Junior adopted the role of protector. However, who will protect him?

Two children must mature under horrid circumstances and soul-crushing abuse. This standalone full-length novel is a tale of uncompromising hate and unending love and devotion. Delve into the darkness of Chained to the Devil’s Son.

Book is for readers 18 years and older. Reader discretion advised.







Absolve…a short story

Absolve© is a short story that I wrote and will post excerpts until the story is complete.
It is a published work, available on a few outlets but I figured I will share it here as well.

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A Single Moment


Nisandra Dithers couldn’t help smiling at her family and friends seated around the long table at Stackers, a nice family restaurant where she once waitressed. She and her former coworkers had joined together four regular tables to accommodate everyone in her party. Fondly looking at them, she found herself thinking that they were a nice group, the kind of customers Nisa would enjoy serving if she were waiting tables tonight.

“Well, I for one don’t like the idea of her going to a college so far away.”

“We all know you’re old Fritz; you don’t need to open your mouth with nonsense to prove it.” Aunt Helena teased him as she winked at Nisa from a few seats away.

Nisa looked over at her mother, who sat just to the left of her. She knew it was going to be hard for the both of them when she left for college in the fall. They were so close; tied at the hip everyone always said. Nisa didn’t think she’d ever gone a full day without seeing her mom’s beautiful smile. That same smile comforted her now as her mother gave her hand a gentle squeeze under the table.

“Nisa will be just fine, Fritz. We’ve raised a very smart young lady,” her father, Eric, said from his seat to her right.

Nisa had to squeeze her eyes shut and take a deep breath before she started to tear up again. Her family was amazing. All of them were, even her great-uncle Fritz, who was definitely stuck in the seventies with his hair styled in an afro; and wearing an old leather ankle length coat and a Dashiki. Uncle Fritz was a bit of an acquired taste and still called her white girl from time to time, even though he swears to the one drop rule.

She opened her eyes, watching and waiting for his next comment. He was a bit rough around the edges and during his visits he managed to offend everyone before driving the half day’s distance back to his home. She often wondered why he drove so far just to bicker with his family.

“Well, its cause she’s a Dithers,” Fritz said, as he looked at Nisa.

Nisa smiled but held her breath. There was no telling what Uncle Fritz would say next.

“It’s a good thing we’re built strong. Can’t say much about her other half though,” Fritz said, in a matter-of-fact tone as he forked some pie into his mouth.

And…there it goes, she thought. She looked around the table, but no one gave Uncle Fritz’s comments a second thought. Even Spencer, who usually loved to verbally spar with her Uncle, said nothing. It seemed that everyone had decided to overlook Fritz’s nonsense today.

“Are you crying again?” A set of hands appeared from behind her and arms wrapped around her shoulders.

“No, I’m not crying again Derek.” Nisa rubbed her little brother’s arm as he rocked them. “I’m just happy, that’s all.”

“I’d be happy if I was leaving too. You’ll get to stay up all night and eat what you want,” Derek pouted.

Nisa laughed and so did everyone within earshot at the table. She patted Derek on the arm before he moved away asked for their father’s keys. “Where do you two think you’re going?” Nisa questioned as she watched Derek and her cousin Walter move away from the table.

Walter sighed. “Geez Nisa, we’re done dessert. Derek’s just gonna show me the game you bought him.”

Her cousin Walter was a pain in the butt as cousins went and he often told her that she was a nosey fun-dimmer but he and Derek were as thick as thieves. Her mother’s sister, Aunt Helena and her husband, lived around the corner from them so that meant Walter, their son, was around all day and most nights.

Living away from home is going to be awesome, she thought with a smile.

“We’re nine years old,” Walter whined.

“Yeah,” Derek frowned, “we’re not babies.”

“Let them go,” one of her relatives at the table called out.

Nisa wasn’t sure who had spoken, out of the dozen or so relatives but she gave the boys a slight nod. She watched the boys jogged through the isle and past their waitress toward the entrance.

“How we doing?” Their waitress, a girl Nisa just met on her last day a week ago, asked.

“We’re about done,” Nisa’s father replied.

Nisa watched the waitress as she smiled then turned to get their check. Staring at the girl was a way for Nisa to avoid Spencer, her boyfriend, who was watching and waiting. She hadn’t given him an answer yet and he would be fishing for one as soon as he got her alone. Her only defense was avoidance, for as long as she could manage. So, she turned to her mother to discuss…anything.

A good fifteen minutes later, Spencer had managed to corral Nisa as her entire party gathered near the doors to leave. “Did you think about it?” he asked, as he pulled her closer and kissed her on the cheek.

Nisa appreciated his discretion in front of her family because a full kiss with them around, especially when she was about to deliver bad news, would be a bit awkward. She placed her hand lightly on Spencer’s chest and was about to tell him her answer when all hell broke loose.

Are you Watering Down your Reviews?


Being an Indie Author or Blogger, it’s tricky to review books. You ask yourself, what if I piss one of these indies off and incur the wrath of their psycho entourage?

I worry about this often. Buy I have to overlook this. If we only report and review the 4 star books, will our opinion matter to our fans in the end. I think that eventually, people will dismiss our reviews and our opinions. Because giving feedback on 4 star books in a way, is being biased. We aren’t giving our complete opinion, but just a watered down version of it.

This example may be extreme but…”I’m only going to let the pretty ones in and pretend the others don’t exist”

This Indie world in so odd. Most of us want to be labeled writers and most of us want to be taken seriously as writers but we skew guidelines and reviews to suit us.

We are often told to be nice, “give them an A for effort, don’t judge them like you would a traditionally published book. Lower the standards…we are all learning.”


But I ask…if we blur most of the lines, in reference to reviews and concerning basic writing skills, will we ever grow. We can’t better our craft, our writing, if we are held to an halfass standard.

Do You Still Want A Review? A reviewer’s POV


Author: I’m looking for reviews. Will you…

Reviewer: You don’t want my personal opinion. You say you do, you’ve convinced yourself that you do. Though, I KNOW not all of you do. You are too emotional. The Indie author world is too emotional. You will get angry or cry if it isn’t what YOU expected. You will tell your pals, smear my name because I gave you my…MY opinion. You know, the one you asked for.

You call it an attack…that my words are jealous filled hate. Then you will attack me for it return, you and your friends. All this, for doing exactly what you’ve asked me for. You still want a review?

Maybe you should think over it a little more. Because you know what…it’s my review and my opinion. You Authors say it should be constructive…that i should help you grow. (Smiling at this).

It’s not my job to help you grow, to hone your craft. Do movie reviewers set out to help Actors/Directors grow? What about gaming reviewers? No…but you Indie writers are different, right.

It’s my personal opinon. If YOU take it personally…then you may need to rethink your profession. Maybe, putting yourself/your work out there isn’t the best thing.

Do you still want a review

Is Sharing an Endorsement?

noun: endorsement; plural noun: endorsements; noun: indorsement; plural noun: indorsements
an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.

Talking to my British Babe this morning and the question of sharing came up. We were talking about my lack of pimping my books. She mentioned that I pimp other author’s books so start pimping my own. My response was that I SHARE their books, and posts. I don’t pimp.

“It is still an endorsement.” was basically her response.

Now, of course the conversation went nothing like this. The set up was totally different but this is the jest, but it leads me to the question.

Is Sharing Another’s Author’s Books An Solid Endorsement?

I always saw it as me giving my friends a boost, so others will see there work. Not an outright endorsement. I love all my author friends but that doesn’t mean that I’ve read all their books. The book may not be my preferred genre, I may not like the voice, the style, the plot.

I will however purchase and try to read my close author friends books to show my support. I will read it, or try to. If I like it, they’ve gained a fan and I will continue to purchase more. if not… But I will still share their posts, sales, and new releases. This, to me, doesn’t mean that I READ it, LOVED it, and want you to BUY it.

Is it an endorsement? Get this, it’s amazing! Or is it just a friend helping another?