My Review of YOUR NAME


YOUR NAME is an Japanese Animated film in which a girl from a small town, Mitsuha, mysteriously switches bodies with, Taki, a guy from the big city. It was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai.

This film was very enjoyable. I loved the switches, trying to figure out who was who and in what time. The beginning was fun and interesting as you wonder what each of these intriguing characters are going to do to muck up the other’s life.

Then the story turns more serious and you realize you care what happens to them. Will they overcome the horrible circumstances that face them? Will they ever meet? What is going to happen? The relationships you see them interact in are wonderful. Each character has a great support system but will it matter…

I yelled at the television more than once while watching this film. I loved the twists and turns. I sat on the edge of my seat of two occasions when I thought it was ending. Screaming…Nit like this. Dont end like this. Thank goodness it didn’t. And the ending…I wanted more but I also loved it. I recommend this film and am very happy I was gifted it.

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 5+
Character Development: 5

Overall Movie: 5

Did you see Your Name?
What did you think?




A Look Into Binding of the Halo 1
Setting: Abandoned School

Cianne did her best to resist being pulled out of her cell when Cook grabbed her hand. He barely allowed her the time to grab the mini flashlight she dropped.
“Tristan is coming for me.”
Cook managed to get her halfway out of the doorway, but with one properly timed yank, she managed to pull free and retreat a few feet back into the room only to have him grab her wrist again.
“We need to go. Please,” Cook said, as he desperately pulled her along. “They’ll be here any minute.”
“I can’t leave. Tristan is coming for me!” she screamed, as she continued trying to free herself.
“If I were him I would want you safe.” He looked at her with pleading eyes that shadowed some emotion she couldn’t read. “He would want you and the baby safe.”
The sound of a vehicle screeching to an abrupt stop made both of them jump and turn to the door. Cook quickly pulled her out of the room and down a long litter-filled hallway. They passed a row of broken down lockers and a few boarded-up windows along the way.
It’s a school, Cianne thought as she was pulled into a midsized room that looked like it was probably her captors’ base camp. She shadowed Cook as he ran to a boarded-up window on the far side of the old classroom and peeked through a space between the boards.
“They’re here.” He grabbed Cianne’s hand again and pulled her back into the hallway. “I need to get you to the bottom floor and out of the building. We’re going to have to use the back stairs,” he said, so quietly that she knew he was talking to himself.
Cianne could tell from the way he sounded that he really didn’t want to use the back stairs. She realized that they were in real danger but she wondered what was the issue with the stairs.
As she kept pace with Cook, she couldn’t stop wondering what happened to Tristan.
Cook was fast, and when he pulled her around a corner she stumbled, making her focus on what was happening with her. He slowed enough to allow her to right herself then returned to his quick pace.
His flashlight was bright and spanned wide enough for them to see a good deal in front of them. They whizzed by classroom after classroom, hurdled over debris and avoided anything that would slow them down. Resisting was no longer on Cianne’s mind. Getting out of this so she could get to Tristan drove her now.
When they made their way to the stairwell, Cook allowed her to stop to catch her breath before he pulled open the door that was barely hanging on two hinges. Debris, a strong stench, and filth filled what was visible of the stairs.
Cianne looked down the dark stairwell with only his flashlight as a beacon to guide them and felt a chill run through her. There was no way to tell how many flights there were to the bottom floor but she knew there was freedom beyond the darkness. Cianne pushed her shoulders back then looked at Cook. He looked back at her. The expression on his face scared her more than the thought of what they had to do. He squeezed her hand then let it go as they made their way down.
Cook went first, with her close behind. Cianne slipped a couple of times but Cook was there to steady her with a firm grip when she needed it. When they reached the bottom of the first flight, Cianne felt as if it hadn’t been that hard. That gave her the confidence she needed to get down the next two darkened flights.
Just as she mentally patted herself on the back, a faint noise reached her ears. “Did you hear that?” Cianne questioned, then stopped.
She looked down at Cook who stopped just as she had. Her eyes squinted into the darkness that lay before them, beyond the range of his light. With them stopped, Cianne heard the sound clearer. She had no idea what it was but it sounded like it was getting closer.
“Go back,” Cook whispered.
Cianne turned halfway around and was just about to take a step back over a small metal trashcan when she felt Cook’s hand on her leg. Cianne turned her head and looked down at him. But he was focused on something down the stairs. She followed the direction of his gaze. She had to suck in a gasp of fear when her eyes focused.
“Back up, slowly,” Cook whispered. He gave her leg a slight nudge.
Cianne couldn’t move. She was frozen with fear as she peered at the scraggly dog that looked up at them from a half a flight down. The dog’s eyes, shadowed by dirty matted hair, glowed as they bore into them. Its lips were tight and pulled back, revealing pink and black gums with sharp teeth that could be clearly seen with the flashlight in the dark stairwell.
The hound watched them for a few seconds before its growl echoed through the hollowed space between them. Cook gently pushed at her leg again. Cianne carefully began to take a slow step up when another dog came up behind the first.
“Run!” Cook yelled.

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The Binding of the Halo Book 1



Caleb Interviews a Journalist
Time: Present
Book: The Binding of the Halo Series

Caleb walked through the busy office with his mind set on tying up a few loose ends. He pushed down the door handle and walked into the office located in the back. The man behind the desk looked up and frowned.

Q. “Do you know who I am? And don’t lie, I will know.” Caleb closed the door.

A. “Maybe.” The man settled back in his seat then looked past Caleb and out into the bustling news office.

He was most likely looking for security but they were indisposed.

Q. “I was born in 1806 near the city New Dominion, to a wealthy planter. Your organization has been looking for me since 1826.”

A. The man shifted in his seat. “My newspaper wasn’t even around in 1826.”

Caleb crossed the distance in a flash and grabbed the man by his throat, lifted him out of the chair, and stared him in his wide terrified brown eyes.

Q. “You know of me?”

The man blinked due to his throat being squeezed.

Q. “Then you know that I’m not a patient man.”

The man blinked again.

Q. “So, would you rather die, which I promise to make painful, or will you give me the respect I’m due?

The man blinked.

“Good,” Caleb said, then lowered the man back to his chair.

Coughing, the man rubbed his neck. “Your birth name is Caleb Scott. You are…something other than human but we don’t know what. You aren’t a vampire or any other fabled creature. As far as we know, you are responsible for over two hundred deaths.”

“I love history, Mr. Dobson. I believe that you can learn a great deal from a glimpse into the past. That is why I’ve left you and your…club, alone but you have stumbled upon someone dear to me. So, I will make this offer once and only once. Destroy all you have on Cianne Baxter and forget about her, her kidnapping, and the odd incident with the dogs. Or I will add 75 more bodies to that grossly inaccurate sum you have.”

Caleb looked down, focusing on the man’s crotch where his urine was soaking into his pants. “I’m glad we understand one another.” Caleb looked over at the family photo on Dobson’s desk. Then, in a flash of light, Caleb disappeared. He needed to get to Arizona and Cianne.

Note: This scene isn’t in the books. It happens after Book 1 and before Book 2.

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Is He Made for This/A look into Ian’s Past



Picture of a young fashion man relaxing

Richard didn’t know which was scarier; the ominous-looking building that his driver just parked in front of, or the large-muscled man that resembled a character from Ian’s Street Fighter arcade game. The man was large with cropped hair, tanned skin, and was even dressed in camouflage-a tight-fitting tank and cargo pants. He had to be the guy and this must be the place because it was his uncle Vincent who had just stepped out of the brick two-story building the commando was standing in front of.
“That building looks abandoned, or it should be,” Richard mumbled. He surveyed the dilapidated building with a frown.
“Come on,” Ian said enthusiastically. With more vigor than a kid stepping into the darker side of the District should have, his little brother sprung from the car.
“Hold on, Ian,” Richard called. He told the driver to stay close, then got out of the car and caught up to his brother. As always, Vincent put his hand out for Ian to shake before Ian was able to give him a hug. His brother stopped, then held his hand out to shake their uncle’s.
When they released each other’s hands, Vincent gave Ian a halfhearted smile before turning. “Hello, Richard. It’s nice to see you.” Vincent shook his hand. “Will you be joining Ian in learning self-defense?” They walked toward the man who looked like a very capable bodyguard.
“No, just here to watch,” Richard said.
“Jasper, these are my nephews, Richard and Ian,” Vincent introduced. “This is my very good friend, Jasper.” Jasper shook Richard’s hand but gave a slight bow to Ian. “Jasper is very good at what he does. He’ll have Ian straight in no time.”
They followed Jasper into the building, and to Richard’s surprise, it didn’t look too bad inside. It was some kind of warehouse with high ceilings and visible beams. A nice gym with large mats and lots of equipment was to their left, and to the right was a fairly nice garage with two motorcycles and two tricked-out cars. A third car that was obviously being worked on sat off to the side with its hood raised and doors opened. Richard found himself wondering what the second floor looked like.
He and Vincent took a seat on one of two benches near the floor mats while Jasper began Ian’s first lesson. Richard looked at his little, frail, calm brother and wondered how he would fair with the mammoth of a man called Jasper. But this was their father’s requirements for Ian’s possible placement in a school. Ian had to learn to protect himself if he would be going to school with kids older and bigger than him.
“Let’s see if this kind of training is for you,” Jasper said to Ian.
What does that mean?
Richard rose from the bench in a panic, but Vincent took his arm and held him in place as Jasper’s palm connected with Ian’s face, whipping his brother’s head to one side. The hit was loud enough to echo to the rafters and hard enough for Richard to wonder if his brother’s jaw was broken.
“What the fuck?” Richard yelled as he struggled to get free of his uncle’s strong grasp. “Are you insane?” His focus was on Jasper, who didn’t even acknowledge his comments.
“Relax, Richard,” Vincent instructed. “Jasper needs to know if Ian is right for this kind of training.”
Richard looked over his shoulder at his uncle. “And he does that by beating him to death? Ian is a sensitive kid with medical issues!”
“Our government invested a lot of money in making Jasper into the lethal weapon he is and as a favor to me, he has agreed to teach Ian to defend himself. He’s the best. But he can’t teach Ian if Ian doesn’t have that certain something-”
“What is he looking for in a student?” Richard asked angrily, “The desire to drink his food through a straw?”
In spite of Richard’s anger, his uncle laughed. “Look at your brother, Richard. Look at him.”
Richard turned but didn’t find Ian on the floor bawling where any kid and most grown men would be if they’d been struck like that by a man as big as Jasper. Ian was crying, but there was really no way to tell other than seeing the tears stream down his inflamed cheek. His brother’s breathing was normal, or maybe it was too calm. His gray eyes were fixed on Jasper, his fists were clenched tightly at his sides, and his shoulders were squared off. For a kid that had never been hit in his entire life before today, Ian took it like…a fighter.
“Well?” Vincent shouted.
“I’d say Ian was made for this.” Jasper shrugged. Then the brute smiled at Vincent as if it was a punch line to an inside joke only they shared.

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Character Interview…Heaven on Hell Island


This post contains language and views that may be upsetting. It is FICTION. Discretion Advised.

Chris 2

◄███▓★Character Interview★▓███►
◄███▓ Heaven on Hell Island ▓███►

A Hate to Love Romance

I want to thank you, Mr. Stokes, for talking with me today and giving me and my readers some insight on what’s in the mind of a member of the White Elites.

Q. I understand that you are going on a vacation in a few days. Where are you going?
A. My friend and I are backpacking through Europe.

Q. With DNA profiling so big in this day and age, is this a “finding your roots” kind of trip?
A. I know my roots. I don’t need some asshole fucking around with my head. Those things are another way to sell race mixing. My trip is more for relaxation and soul searching.

Hmmm…alrighty. So, let’s get some basic questions out of the way, Chris.

Q. What do you think people’s first impression of you is when meeting you?
A. I don’t give a shit what people think.

Q. Do you think your parents are proud of the person you’ve become?
(He shrugs)
A. I can’t speak for them so, you’ll have to ask them yourself.

Q. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?.
A. Now, why would I tell you that?

Q. Do you believe in Happily Ever After? Do you want to get married?
A. I don’t believe anyone is truly happy. As for marriage, I don’t see the point. People can barely stand themselves. Why pretend to love each other.

Q. What do you like about yourself?
A. I’m resourceful.

Q.If you could wish for anything, anything at all, what would it be?
A. That the white race can prosper without all the drama.

Alright, now for some questions about your beliefs.

Q. Why can’t we as Americans prosper together?
A. Why is it so wrong to want whats best for my race. When blacks want their own award shows or channels, it’s viewed as a great thing but when a white person wants some separation, it’s a problem.

Q. Do you feel that you, as a white man, have been held back?
A. I believe that opportunities that I and my race created in this country have been squandered. that the American dream isn’t American anymore.

Q. What is your perfect world?
A. A world where I don’t have to fight for my rightful place.

Q. You were recently arrested for assault on a black police officer. He dropped the charges. Do you have anything to say about that incident?
A. No.

Q. You have quite the reputation for being a badass. Are you carrying a weapon, right now?
A. Yes.

Q. Would you call yourself a racist?
A. No. But I don’t have an issue with the term.

Q. Some believe that if you get to know a person of color, that you may have a change of heart. Have you ever taken the time to get to know a person of color?
A. Interview over.

Okay. So, I want to thank you for sitting down with me again. I hope you find what you are searching for on your trip, Mr. Stokes.

Heaven on Hel Island
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23405710_1548736091879640_389367100431646056_o.jpgMy review of Train to Busan

This is a zombie horror film I found on Netflix.
Let’s just say that it will be on my top ten list.

The Movie starts out with the life of Seok-Woo, a businessman who has to take his unhappy daughter to Busan to see his wife he is separated from. Shortly after boarding the train, all Hell breaks loose.

This film had me all in my feelings. I walked out of the living room twice, due to the intense suspense then just turned it off with 50 minutes left to go. That’s how invested I was. The child, Soo-an was exceptional. She had me in tears. And there is a whole cast of folk you will be rooting for. You’ll also encounter those you hope suffer painful long deaths.

I found a gem with Train to Busan. Can’t wait for part 2.

Look of the film: 4.8
Plot: 5
Character Development: 5
Overall Movie: 5

Did you see it Train to Busan?
What did you think?


My review of THOR RAGNAROK

This movie was AMAZING. Ok, Marvel is on a winning streak and it doesn’t seem to have an end. I hope.

I wasn’t really happy, because Train to Busan basically suspensed (sp intentional) the shite out of me. So when I was asked if I wanted to see THOR, my response was “Eh, I can see it on Demand.” Well, I am so glad I went.

The Movie is brilliant. Old fights, new fights, death, this movie has it all. We are introduced to a bad ass estrogen toting ball of revenge, or a lost evil that wants to rule the world. No, not original in the least but this chick can break THE HAMMER (in trailers) so yeah, and she’s unique.

So Thor has to recruit new and old friends to help him save his people. I loved the cameos, and there are some surprises. I loved the laughs…Loved the Laughs. When I say that I will never get enough of folk being tasered….I’m not lying. I flipping love it.

My heart broke but was restored. This movie is a Gem in the Marvel Universe.

The Characters…

Chris, HOTTER THAN HELL, Hemsworth THOR was funny, emotional, witty, and badass all rolled into one. He didn’t disappoint.

Tom Huddleston LOKI is so perfect. Just sexy evil with a hint of good Lord, I would try so hard to fix what’s broken. Am I right ladies?

Cate Blanchet HELA was so damn good I didn’t even know it was her.

Mark Ruffalo HULK…just comedy gold. Big crush.

Iris Elba HEIMDALL….ever all seeing. He held it down.

Tessa Thompson VALKYRIE was fresh and kicked arse. I like her😚

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 5
Character Development: 4.7
Overall Movie: 10

Did you see THOR Ragnarok?
What did you think?