Ready Player One short review


I finally queued up the DVR and watched Ready Player One.

This movie is a Pop Culture delight. I enjoyed all the references, the gamer experience, and even the minor romance.

It was bright and colorful. The characters were good enough to hold my interest. The Oasis was a character in itself and like most old school entertainment, there was a lesson.

I really like this movie. It was a nice refreshing break from the real world and if you haven’t seen Ready Player One…you should.

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 3.5
Character Development: 3.5
Overall Movie: 5

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Character Interviews


◄███▓▒░░★ SCENE
Shea Swain ★░░▒▓███►

Caleb questions a journalist
Present Time
The Binding of the Halo Series

Caleb walked through the busy newsroom with his mind set on tying up a few loose ends. When he came to the door, he pushed down the handle and walked inside the office. He moved through the maze of desks and headed to the back of the room. Caleb stopped a few feet in front of the desk of the man he was looking for. The man behind the desk, Mr. Dobson, looked up at Caleb and frowned.

Question: “Do you know who I am? Don’t lie to me because I will know.”

Answer: “No, I don’t,” Mr. Dobson said in a deadpan tone. He leaned to his left, looking past Caleb and out into the bustling newsroom.

Caleb figured Mr. Dobson was most likely looking for security but unfortunately, they were tied up.

Response: “I was born in 1806 near the city New Dominion to a wealthy planter. Your “club” has been looking for me since 1826.”

Mr. Dobson shifted in his seat. He smirked but his expression didn’t look like one of a man who just heard that he was talking to a fossil.

Response: “Well, my “club” wasn’t even around in 1826.”

Caleb crossed the distance in a flash and grabbed the man by his throat, lifted him out of the chair, and stared him in his wide terrified brown eyes.

Response: “Blink once for yes or I will snap your neck. Do you know of me?” Caleb hissed.

Mr. Dobson opened his mouth and gasped for air as he blinked once.

Response: “Then, you know that I’m not a patient man.”

The man blinked again.

Question: “So, you must know that playing with me will only lead to your death, which I promise to make painful, or will you give me the respect I’m due?

Mr. Dobson blinked once.

Response: “Good,” Caleb said, then lowered the man back down into his chair and stepped back. “Who am I?”

Coughing, Mr. Dobson rubbed his neck.
Response: “Your birth name is Caleb Scott. You are…something other than human but we don’t know what. You aren’t a vampire or any fabled creature, as far as we know. And you are responsible for over two hundred deaths.”

Response: “I love history, Mr. Dobson. I believe that you can learn a great deal from a just a glimpse into the past. That is why I’ve left you and your…club alone. But you have stumbled upon someone dear to me. So, I will make this offer once and only once. Destroy all you have on Cianne Baxter and forget about her, her kidnapping, and the odd incident with the dogs. Or I will add seventy-five more bodies to that grossly inaccurately low sum you and your club have.” Caleb looked down, focusing on the man’s crotch where urine was soaking through his pants. “I’m glad we understand one another.” Caleb slowly looked over at the family photo on Dobson’s desk. “Understand me, Mr. Dobson?”

Mr. Dobson nodded frantically.
In a flash of light, Caleb disappeared. He needed to get to Arizona and Cianne.

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My review of SWITCHED a Netflix original


Scrolling through the menu, I’ve seen this series a few times and passed it over. It made me uncomfortable. The K-Dramas I’ve watched seems to show that Asian culture have no acceptance or compassion for overweight females and they are considered ugly regardless of their beauty. So, as a thicke chick, I avoided this one. I finally watched it and I have no regrets.

SWITCHED starts with a confession of love. Korisho asks Ayumi (the slim girl) to be his girlfriend. Ayumi accepts and when she goes to meet up with him for a date, she get an unknown call from Zenko (the thicker girl). Zenko is perched on top of a tall building, ready to jump. Zenko refuses help and only wants Ayumi to watch her die.

The title says it all. This isn’t a dark comedy. Ayumi isn’t the bitch who needs to learn a lesson other than to appreciate her good fortune. The dark themed series is heavy folks. The story gutted me and I found myself ugly crying due to a few scenes. Both Ayumi and Zenko are determined to live thier best lives but each have totally different goals.

Then in comes, Kaga. Kaga is the best friend of Korisho and Ayumi. He is the light hearted fun loving friend who kept me sane throughout this tales. We all need a Kaga in our life.

I won’t say much more but I encourage you to watch this six (6) episode series. Due to medical reasons, I’ve been on both ends of the weight spectrum. There have also been times when I’ve had days that I felt like I was all alone in this world. But I am fortunate enough to have my Kaga.

The how of this switch isn’t too hard to accept due to the great acting, though there were some reaches for me but so minor most won’t notice.

Look of the series: 5
Plot: 5
Character Development: 10
Overall series: 5

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My Review of Love O2O


My Review of Love O2O, on #Netflix

What can I say about this adorable worthwhile series…I LOVED IT!

Bei Weiwei, a computer major was voted as one of the campus’ beauties. She is sweet, honest, and very likeable. She is also a super gamer who tries to stay out of gaming and school life politics.

Xiao Nai, the hottest, most accomplished, smartest, senior ignores every girl on campus but when he spies Weiwei playing the game he excels in, he finds he is interested in something other than opening his business or studying.

…and when WeiWei is dumped by her ingame husband because she won’t meet him in person and attacked by jealous women in the game, he decides to step in and partner up in an ingame marriage with her. See what unfolds with one of the campus’ Bells and the campus top Lord when they team up.

The romance was so well done in this series. The character development was amazing. I loved both the main characters, all the side characters, and I have never seen so many beautiful damn people in one show. I was crushing so hard on everyone, even the “bad guy”.

The drama is Real with this one BUT Nai was so skilled, efficient, and decisive that I swooned every time someone came at him. He is amazing and so beautiful. The supporting cast was epic and the romance was so believable that I want them to couple in real life.

Put this one on your TBW list. I finished the series two days ago and for the first time ever, I’ve started rewatching my favorite scenes…like their first meeting!

Look of the Series: 5
Plot: 5.5
Character Development: 5.5
Overall Series: 10…and no, I didn’t add it all.

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My review of, Accidentally in Love, a Netflix Original.


This thirty episode complete series started when a music idol relies on a women running from her family obligations to hide from his muse executives and steals a kiss from her. Her first kiss. From there, the two and their lives are linked. And in a series of adorable interactions, the pair grows closer.

I loved this cute series. At first, I wasn’t into Situ Feng, the make lead, but his determination to succeed grew on me. In the beginning, the story allows you to really get to know the characters before the super drama starts. Quingqing, the lead female, is very layered as she hides her true idententy while she tries to uncover a dark family secret. Their friends are all unique and have different goals and we, the audience, will find a connection and understanding for each of them.

With Kdramas…they hold off on introducing the mega drama after the two fall and this is no different. Except, I was able to stick with this one even though they amped up a few drama bombs.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series. It was a bit on the cute side but I suppose I needed some cute in my life. I did shed some tears with this one so cute but a bit heavy at the same time. It was a wonderful mix.!

Look of the series: 5
Series Plot: all of them…5
Character Development: 5
Overall Movie: 5

Did you see Accidentally in Love?
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DARK BRIGHT, Claiming his Angel

A guardian angel. An evil sect. A woman who thinks she imagined it all…

At five years old, a mysterious boy holds Aniya’s hand when her father becomes gravely ill. At fourteen, the same boy saves her from a deadly ordeal. He appears and comforts her during troublesome times but never sticks around long enough for Aniya to think her Guardian Angel is nothing more than a figment of her imagination. When he stops coming to her, she tells herself he was never real.

With the whims of childhood behind Aniya, memory of the boy fades. But when he appears again in her time of need, she cannot believe the boy who has grown into a breathtaking man truly exists. His name is Godrick and what he tells her is unbelievable. An evil ancient sect known as the Dark Bright is coming for Aniya and -he is the only one who can protect her. Aniya must accept that Godrick is as real as the danger she’s in. Her life depends on it.

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Book based on the idea of Dan Swain III and written by Shea Swain

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The Binding of the Halo book 1
By Shea Swain

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Genre: Paranormal NA Romance

By keeping to herself and alienating her peers, Cianne Baxter manages to keep her visions and the horrifying physical changes they force upon her a secret for years. All she has to do is survive her last year of high school and resist HIM, then she can disappear into a life of self-imposed solitude.

Tristan Bertram knows this is his last opportunity to convince Cianne to give him a chance. Over the past few years, he’s come to realize that not only is she beautiful and intelligent, Cianne seems to calm his inner demons. He will have her because his determination is far stronger than her resolve.

When Tristan discovers that Cianne is much more than the star of his dreams, he is prepared to be her everything. But a hidden past, jealousy, and hate threaten to end them before they even get started. Tristan must decide if having Cianne’s heart is worth his life; while Cianne has to rely on the very abilities she is fighting so hard to hide to save herself.

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The Pulse of Provocative Romance
About the Author

Shea is a woman in love with the idea of love so it’s no wonder she writes romance novels. The East Coast native is a romantic to her core and reads and watches anything with a love story. She also enjoys binge watching ID Discovery Channel and anime.

Shea enjoys meeting people and chatting, collecting Barbie dolls, toys, and is addicted to The Sims games. She also loves music and has mentioned that she writes better when she has movie scores playing as white noise in the background. Shea writes multi-ethnic, multi-genre adult romance.

Connect with Shea Swain
☛Instagram: @Sheaswainwrites

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