My review of, Accidentally in Love, a Netflix Original.


This thirty episode complete series started when a music idol relies on a women running from her family obligations to hide from his muse executives and steals a kiss from her. Her first kiss. From there, the two and their lives are linked. And in a series of adorable interactions, the pair grows closer.

I loved this cute series. At first, I wasn’t into Situ Feng, the make lead, but his determination to succeed grew on me. In the beginning, the story allows you to really get to know the characters before the super drama starts. Quingqing, the lead female, is very layered as she hides her true idententy while she tries to uncover a dark family secret. Their friends are all unique and have different goals and we, the audience, will find a connection and understanding for each of them.

With Kdramas…they hold off on introducing the mega drama after the two fall and this is no different. Except, I was able to stick with this one even though they amped up a few drama bombs.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series. It was a bit on the cute side but I suppose I needed some cute in my life. I did shed some tears with this one so cute but a bit heavy at the same time. It was a wonderful mix.!

Look of the series: 5
Series Plot: all of them…5
Character Development: 5
Overall Movie: 5

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DARK BRIGHT, Claiming his Angel

A guardian angel. An evil sect. A woman who thinks she imagined it all…

At five years old, a mysterious boy holds Aniya’s hand when her father becomes gravely ill. At fourteen, the same boy saves her from a deadly ordeal. He appears and comforts her during troublesome times but never sticks around long enough for Aniya to think her Guardian Angel is nothing more than a figment of her imagination. When he stops coming to her, she tells herself he was never real.

With the whims of childhood behind Aniya, memory of the boy fades. But when he appears again in her time of need, she cannot believe the boy who has grown into a breathtaking man truly exists. His name is Godrick and what he tells her is unbelievable. An evil ancient sect known as the Dark Bright is coming for Aniya and -he is the only one who can protect her. Aniya must accept that Godrick is as real as the danger she’s in. Her life depends on it.

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Book based on the idea of Dan Swain III and written by Shea Swain

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The Binding of the Halo book 1
By Shea Swain

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Genre: Paranormal NA Romance

By keeping to herself and alienating her peers, Cianne Baxter manages to keep her visions and the horrifying physical changes they force upon her a secret for years. All she has to do is survive her last year of high school and resist HIM, then she can disappear into a life of self-imposed solitude.

Tristan Bertram knows this is his last opportunity to convince Cianne to give him a chance. Over the past few years, he’s come to realize that not only is she beautiful and intelligent, Cianne seems to calm his inner demons. He will have her because his determination is far stronger than her resolve.

When Tristan discovers that Cianne is much more than the star of his dreams, he is prepared to be her everything. But a hidden past, jealousy, and hate threaten to end them before they even get started. Tristan must decide if having Cianne’s heart is worth his life; while Cianne has to rely on the very abilities she is fighting so hard to hide to save herself.

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ೋღ🖤Cover: Sanja Balan of Sanja Covers

The Pulse of Provocative Romance
About the Author

Shea is a woman in love with the idea of love so it’s no wonder she writes romance novels. The East Coast native is a romantic to her core and reads and watches anything with a love story. She also enjoys binge watching ID Discovery Channel and anime.

Shea enjoys meeting people and chatting, collecting Barbie dolls, toys, and is addicted to The Sims games. She also loves music and has mentioned that she writes better when she has movie scores playing as white noise in the background. Shea writes multi-ethnic, multi-genre adult romance.

Connect with Shea Swain
☛Instagram: @Sheaswainwrites

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This is my short review of VENOM


The film opens with the Eddie Brock’s life and all the good but due to his selfish ambition he screws that up. But he will soon get a chance to redeem himself with the help of his symbiotic partner.

This film was good. I actually liked it but it didn’t seem, Marvel-esk. I guess I expected …more. For what it is worth, the movie was satisfying. I think there was some missed opportunities in the film and I believe Venom switched his loyalties without any explanation other than…he liked Brock, too fast for me. I thought Venom should have had a moment to experience our planet vs one night of fighting to make such a life changing decision. But ok…I got it.

The bad guy was bad. The love interest was great, and the fights epic. I will be happy to add this to my bluray set.

Look of the film: 4
Plot: 4
Character Development: 4
Overall Movie: 4.5

Did you see Venom? What did you think?

My review of, live action BLEACH on Netflix.


A boy forever haunted by ghosts. You’d think Ichigo would have been driven insane by the spirits he sees. Yet, he isn’t. In fact, he does what he can to move them on. But when he acknowledges that he can see Rukia, a Soul Reaper, and helps save his own sister from a Hallow (angry spirit) he is drawn into a world of shadow, death, and rules that are inhuman.

I am a huge fan of the Anime Bleach and when I saw this movie pop up on Netflix, I just about lost my ever loving mind. Though, I will admit, going into some of these live action films is playing Russian Roulette with your emotions but this movie was Epically Accurate and so entertaining.

This film was really well done. The actors were spot on. We are treated to Ichigo’s zany dad, mysterious sisters, and all his classmates, allies, and enemies.

In this film though, it seems to me that Rukia seems more attached on a personal level to Ichigo but not so much so that I think there will be a love connection, but a gal can hope.

The Hallows are exceptionally done. The weapons…Wow! The clothing and makeup…so believable. If you are a fan of the Anime or have never watched a single episode, I encourage you to see this film.

Anime Comparison Rating
Look of the film: 5
Plot: 5
Character Development: 5
Overall Movie: 5

Did you see Live Action BLEACH?
What did you think?
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My review of The Bad Seed, a Lifetime movie


Was very excited about this film. I mean, Rob Lowe…but it was just, OK for me.

This is a remake of the popular film based on the stage play. Unlike the original, this one didn’t have the umph. Rob did his thing. A convincing loving dad, but the girl playing Emma seemed mechanical and unconvincing.

I was also a bit let down by how the investigation of ALL the murders were done in 2018 with this film. If you are going to sell me a psychopath, sell it right. This one should have either adapted to current times and was smarter or as smart as the local PD or date it to a time where she doesn’t have to be.

Because of the lack of believability in the make of of Emma and the lack of science…and she even fooled a therapist…I’m not a complete fan.

Easter Egg…Patty McCormick, the original seed, makes an appearance.

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 3
Character Development: 2
Overall Movie: 3

Did you see The Bad Seed?
What did you think?