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Review of FEAR STREET series


I’ve Finally Watched…is back again with my review of the series, FEAR STREET 1994, 1978, 1666, A Netflix Original.

When I first saw the title and saw, R. L. Stine, I kind of dismissed these movies. I know he writes for teens so I was like, eh…kiddie ish. Was I wrong? YUP!

1994…This series follows a cursed town but more specifically, a cursed teen, Deena, and her cursed friends who live in cursed Shadyside. You see, murder in Shadyside is common. Serial Killers seems to be breed there. A spree killing is the norm. But when Deena and her friends become the target of that curse, brought on by the Witch Sarah Feir, they decide to fight back. But they made one fatal mistake, most curse have a history and aren’t easily beaten.

1978…Deena soon understands that to beat the Shadyside curse is to talk to someone who has gone through it. So they find the only survivor of a Shadyside massacre. We are taking back to that long ago day when Cindy and her sister Ziggy fought for their lives against the curse and the wicked witch Sarah Feir’s minions. With more knowledge but still no answers, Deena must go back to the beginning. And we are transported to…

1666…A evil has come to the once peaceful prospering settlement of Shadyside and that evil must be erased. Only, evil comes in many forms and it isn’t always born…but made.

All of these films are great. The first Good, the second, Better, and the third, Amazing. Each Era you are transported. Each was infused with the feel and vibe of the times. Even the murders felt equal to the times. The 70s…slasher. The 90s, stalkerish murders. The 60s, that mystical fear. And it all worked and came together nicely. I can only be vague because I don’t want to spoil anything. These films are light, thoughtfully scary, and you will have fun solving the curse. I really enjoyed them all.

Look of the series: 5
Number of episodes: 3 full-length moves
Language: English
Plot: 5
Action: 5
Character Development: 5
Overall series: 15!

Did you watch, FEAR Steet ?
What did you think?

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I’ve Finally Watched…


is back again with my review of, WW84 on HBO Max.

WW84 movie

Wonder Woman is a superhero in the DC Comics Universe. As a kid, I watched cartoons and the made for television series. I enjoyed the character. WW84 is a follow-up in the Wonder Woman Dc franchise. The first film, I loved. 

In this movie, we find Diana Prince in the year 1984 and longing for, Steve Trevor, the love she lost in movie 1. Her day to day is lonely but she still manages to save folk and be nice to a co-worker who is often ignored by everyone. Bad, or good, things begin to happen when a strange stone arrives in the museum Diana works for. 

This movie reminded me of the television series and not a mega movie. It had some amazing action, a bad guy, love, and a questionable bad guy. Though I still think it is a good movie,  I think it failed to deliver on the cinematic brilliance most superhero films have. The love story was front and center and I am a huge romantic. Yet, I feel that there was a lot missing in this movie and some things unanswered. 

The bad guys, in my opinion, weren’t BAD enough. I think the mysterious stone should have played a bigger part and the movie wasted an opportunity to use it and the one who made it the main character. It would have added a greatly needed obstacle in this film. At one point you feel like they will delve into the origins (which would have been wonderful) but they drop it. The ending felt hollow as if Diana didn’t really have to FIGHT for it or the world which is in danger. There were funny parts that had me laughing and one sad but nothing stood out really. I will say, the lasso work was upscale and jawdropping. This lackluster blockbuster did have me grinning ear to ear but that was due to the surprise cut scene after the credits. So…stick around. 

In summation, a decent movie but not a hit the first movie was for me. I find that DC movies are more miss than hits for me. 

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 3
Character Development: 3
Overall Movie: 3.5

Did you see, WW84?
What did you think?

Sweet Home Review


I’ve Finally Watched…is back again with my review of the series, SWEET HOME on Netflix and inspired by a Webtoon.

Sweet Home is a horror film set in a run down apartment building with a cast of interesting characters. One of which is Hyun-soo, a seriously troubled teen who is alone in this world when literal hell breaks loose. Somehow, the building is locked down and the residence locked inside but they aren’t exactly safe because humans are turning into horrendous, unique, and deadly monsters.

The series introduces us to a good number of people with developed interesting backstories, the caring mom, the badass, the weak willed, the abuser, the tech, the badass 2… With any film of survival, you will have those you like and hate. They must work together to survive. The argument of banish the infected arises in this film like most but but not for long. Sweet Home is unique in a few refreshing ways and this is one.

I was hooked from episode one and though each ending was a hook the entire season is available, so this was no issue. Except when I knew I should go to bed. If you begin early in the day…you will binge. You will have a few characters who set themselves out from the rest, like the teen and though he was the main character, I was sad to see his role is decreased after around the fourth or fifth episode. This saddened me because I would have loved to see him kick ass. This was a huge loss of possible great action scenes to show the audience what he was capable but maybe the budget got in the way. I plan on reading the webtoon to see if it follows the same formula.

If you like horror, the Koreans seems to be masters of it and they love to shock their audience and aren’t tied to easing the blows or the happy ever after endings Americans are used to. I really liked this series.

Look of the series: 4
Number of episodes: 10
Language: English
Plot: 5
Action: 5
Character Development: 5
Overall series: 4
The Monsters: The special effects were good and bad but you will hardly notice because the story is so good.

Did you watch, Sweet Home
What did you think?

My review of…Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil’s Son In-Law.


I’ve Finally Watched…is back again with my review of…Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil’s Son In-Law.

A 1977 blaxploitation film with Rudy Ray Moore as a stand-up comedian who is targeted by a competing entertainment duo. The entire premise/plot is thin. So, in order to make their heavily invested premiere a success, two entertainers terrorize Petey and his friends who is opening the same night, ultimately killing him.

Because…I assume there can only be one.

So, the film starts out with a larger than life Petey who is being born in a small shack like environment. I had a few, WTF moments while watching this film. Now, my experience with blaxpoitation is limited at best though, I am certain that nothing could have prepared me for watching Petey’s mother actually giving birth to a large watermelon…yup watermelon twin, before giving birth to an entire grown ass 12 year old boy.

Throughout the film, the characters eat Watermelon as if it is prime nourishment. I wonder if there is a reason for this Watermelon love in other films in this genre but I will say it had my mig broke all the way down. I will say, I kept asking if a Black person wrote and directed this, considering the stereotypes. Still, the film was somewhat entertaining if you take it for what it is, dated and overly dramatic on purpose.

When Petey dies, Lucifer takes him to Hell and makes a deal wirh Petey to marry his daughter. No one wants to. But Petey got to go back above to get his revenge before the happy day. Lawd…this revenge was drawn out due to Petey not wanting to die…I guess.

We are treated to bad acting, kung fu (ALL characters know and are grossly untrained in), and the most greasy cringe worthy sex scenes I have ever had the pleasure of watching. And I was still entertained!

Lucifer, played by the handsome and articulate G. Tito Shaw, was one of the only visual highlights and seemingly the only person capable of acting in the entire film. .

When Petey refuses to return to Hell and marry Lucifer’s daughter, all Hell comes for him. But folks…if Hell is this weak…I’ll be running things in a matter of days when my time comes.

Petey Wheatstraw is a movie you want to watch when you are in the mood to laugh and talk through the plot with a few friends while eating tacos and drinking some kinds of stimulant. I tried not to take it too seriously and to not get too offended by US exploiting ourselves. These types of films are a sign of the times.

And…I was still entertained

Look of the film: 4
Plot: 1
Character Development: 1
Overall Movie: 3

Did you see, Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil’sSonIn-Law?
What did you think?

Review of Bad Boys For Life.


I’ve Finally Watched…is back again with my review of Bad Boys For Life.

I wanted to see this in theatre but…yeah, Covid. So, I just watched it. In the beginning, I didn’t feel an immediate connection to the film. I heard a lot of words and some action but I was worried this movie wasn’t going to be as epic as I’ve heard. Mike is shot, Marcus was being religious, and everything seemed disjointed. I suppose that may have been done on purpose.

It wasn’t until the Bad Boys became Bad Boys again that the movie picked up. Lawd…laughs, explosions, and mayhem. Mike is targeted because his past has come back to bite him in the ass. Yes, and it is epic. It starts out slow but when it picks up…YAASSSSS.

The bad guy is uber cute and ass kicking bad. He was a force to reckon with and at times I thought, how the hell are our Bad Boys gonna deal with this dude. They supermaned the heck out of homeboy.

The new police team “assist”…eh. Their impact was minimal and I found myself asking where the tech savy badasses were during a few important scenes when Mike and Marcus could have used them. I will say I felt the “romance” interest for Mike felt forced and she kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Not sure why.

The plot is basic revenge and if you are like me, you will have two key mini plots figured before they’re revealed but it was awesome watching it all play out. I suspect from the end scene that they’ve set up a option to continue the Bad Boy Legacy and I hope they do. If you haven’t seen this one…please watch it.

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 4.5
Character Development: 5
Overall Movie: 4…because of the slow start.

Did you see, Bad Boys For Life?
What did you think?

PSYCHED 2: Come home Lassie on Peacock.


I’ve Finally Watched…is back again with my review of….PSYCHED 2: Come home Lassie on Peacock.

If you are a fan of the Psyched series and the 1st movie, then this is a must watch. Shawn is amazingly hilarious and Burton is a Demi God of laughs. This film is classic Psyched, with the one liners, banter, and laughs.

We open with Lassiter. He is recovering from being shot and having a stroke during surgery. The plot is, Lassie is having dreams and visions about his life and the shooting that almost paralyzed him and doesn’t believe that the man who confessed to shooting him is guilty. But, he calls on Shawn and Gus to solve some weird happenings at his recovery hospital.

Now, if you are a fan, you’ll remember that Lassie was virtually missing from the last film. Apparently, he had a stroke in real life. So when I saw the trailer for this one and him being featured, I Cheered! So, they wrote it into the movie.

All the old crew is back and the laughs are constant. I was somewhat confused that there was no, psychic detective angle and it took a minute for Shawn’s light up clue finds to appear but the movie didn’t disappoint. I wish the show makes a comeback but if I can get these movies every so often, I am satisfied.

Look of the film: 5
Plot: 4
Character Development: 5
Overall Movie: 5

Did you see Psyched 2: Lassie come Home?
What did you think?

I’ve Finally Watched…Review


I’ve Finally Watched…is back again with my review of…Loved Jacked the Movie.

Mays, the heroine, has a controlling father who seems to want to decide every aspect of her life. In a act of defiance, she goes to the continent of Africa for a long vacation. While there, she falls in Love and is proposed to. But when she finds her fiance in bed with another woman, she flies home alone. Only, she refuses to let her father think he was right about her whirlwind romamce being a scam or a escapade so, she goes along with the marriage plans that will happen in two weeks without a groom until she meets the perfect stand in, Malcolm (hero).

This was a cute Hamark-esk film. I loved the male lead. His smile, his humor, he was great. The female lead is ok and her emotional responses were very good. I just wished they cultivated the romance between them more.

The supporting cast were very good and funny. I laughed a lot. I was also pleased about the “slutty” cousin trope and how they did it. If you like cute, easy, thinly plotted, Hallmark type movies, this is a good one to watch.

Look of the film: 4
Plot: 3
Character Development: 3
Overall Movie: 3.5

Did you see Loved Jacked?
What did you think?



This excerpt is unedited. Coming Soon

Ember padded across the hard floor on her socked feet as softly as possible. When she got to the refrigerator, she pulled open the door but was suddenly grabbed by her wrist and spun around. Before she could react, her assaulter took hold of her other wrist then pinned her arms to the wall-shelf high above her head. Because of the slight pain of her arms being stretched, Ember couldn’t help but gasp.
“Why do you invade my dreams?” Miles asked.
He’s been drinking, Ember thought. A whiff of his alcohol tainted breath was proof. Not understanding what he meant and at a loss of what to do due to her shock of what was happening, she remained still and said nothing.
The light of the opened refrigerator gave Miles a mystical glow though most of his features were hidden in shadow. His brows were pinched with confusion as he swept his gaze over her face then lower. It was when his gaze dipped that Ember began to squirm. She’d felt the low neckline of her half-shirt rise above her breast when he first pinned her. But if he continued to look lower, he would see the lower half of both mounds and a nipple that the chilled air from the refrigerator told her was completely uncovered.
Miles looked back up and stared her dead in the eyes as Ember continued to struggle to get free. His blue eyes looked ablaze with what seemed to be anger. He somehow managed to transfer her wrist, holding both in one vice grip as he lowered his other hand and placed it on the side of her breast.
Ember sucked in a gasp and instantly froze when his warm hand came in contact with her skin. She closed her eyes when he moved his thumb and grazed her exposed nipple. A powerful shiver ran through her entire body as a loud breathy sigh left her mouth.
“God,” Miles said as he flattened his body over hers and buried his face in her neck. “You tempt me in every way. Are you my punishment, Ember?”

I’ve Finally Watched is back again with my review of the series…Dororo


DORORO: Season One anime 2019

This tragic heartwarming anime begins with a bloody unconscionable deal with demons. A Lord makes a deal for prosperous lands and fame by giving his first born’s body away to be eaten by those demons. But the babe’s mother prays for her son, deformed (deaf, blind, no limbs) but the last demon wasn’t able to finish him off.

OMG, this series had me yelling, sad, shocked, and crying for blood and vengeance. I literally mean I was yelling for the hero to kill them all.

Hyakkimaru, the hero left mutilated by a deal with the devil his father made is traveling the land killing demons with prosthetic knives for arms and legs. If he kills a great one, a body part is painfully returned to him. Along his journey he finds a companion a young kid orphaned by war. The two travel together, Hyakkimaru on a mission of getting his body back and Dororo to keep him human by being a devoted friend.

I loved this series and did not want it to end. It was bloody, had my emotions up and down, and had me falling for the hero even when he was a bloody skeleton newborn. The action, plot, and side stories were amazing.

Look of the series: 5
Number of episodes: 24
Language: English Subtitles
Plot: 5
Action: 5+
Character Development: 5+
Overall series: 5++
Watched on Amazon Prime

Did you watch DORORO ?
What did you think?